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Take a deep breath! You are exactly where you need to be.

You’re smart. You’re successful. And on paper, you have everything you need.

But you’re frustrated. There is something holding you back.

You’re tired of your all-or-none attitude toward food, chronic dissatisfaction with your body, and how you keep “falling off the wagon” when it comes to anything wellness. 

Or, you know you’re holding yourself back in your work. You have more to bring to the table, you’re not getting paid what you deserve, or not doing what you REALLY wish you were doing.

Perhaps, your lacking love and connection. You want more deep and meaningful relationships, where you can be your authentic FULL self.

And you want to trust yourself and life. You want clarity on who you are and what you’re here on the planet to do. You want to be living in your potential.

My name is Casey Berglund. I am a holistic dietitian, 500-hour yoga teacher, and scientific and spiritual trainer. I started Worthy and Well initially because I was tired of experiencing how people (women especially) hold themselves back from showing up in the world, by spending so much energy obsessing about food and their bodies. Through working with hundreds of people 1-on-1, in online programs, and via workshops that I taught all across Canada, I learned that people hold themselves back in so many other ways too.

Collectively, we’re not taking care of our well-being, owning our worth in work, letting our true selves be seen in relationships, and living through the lens of love and trust in life.

I want to change this. I want you to stop playing small, and start stepping into your potential.

For more free resources and tips, head over to the blog, and if you are ready to dive into Worthy and Well programs, check out the work with me page.

With love + gratitude,




The combination of Casey’s western science-based Registered Dietitian background mixed with the ancient eastern wisdom of Yoga gives her a refreshingly non-dualistic perspective on health and well-being. Casey has true insight into the mind-body-soul connection. She wants to help whole people draw nearer to the wholeness that they were created to have.
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