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Next session starts summer 2017!

mindful eating community

Wouldn’t you love it if…

  • You could offer yourself and your clients more than just the basics of mindful eating?
  • You could skillfully promote body positivity, while honouring your client’s goals for weight loss and improving health?
  • You had more practical tools & resources in your toolbox for taking a “non-diet” approach in your work?
  • You felt confident in your ability to navigate uncomfortable conversations, when you recognize those client issues that can’t be fixed with half a plate of vegetables?
  • You felt more grounded, calm, and joyful in your work and life?
  • You had a safe and positive space to discover your unique gifts as a dietitian and be celebrated in the amazing work that you do?

That’d be pretty darn good, right?

Oh, and how would it feel to be supported with your own movement and self-care, to RECEIVE for once  {instead of giving so much}, and to have time blocked out of your day for dialing down your “go-go-ness” to just chill for a bit?

It would feel AMAZING.

But I KNOW from talking with Nutrition Professional’s, that it’s not always that way.

You don’t really feel qualified to dig into mindful eating with your clients. You might try to offer up some tips and tools that you learned in a book, at a conference, or on the internet, but if you’re really honest with yourself, you kind of feel like a fraud… especially when you catch yourself mindlessly tossing back your whole grain veggie sandwich at your desk or munching on a snack as you run out the door.

You’d like to believe that the “non-diet” approach works, but you still resort to calculating calorie needs, suggesting servings sizes, and making meal plans. I mean, that’s what you were taught in school, after all. And that’s likely what your clients are asking for.

You freeze up and don’t know where to go when your evidence-informed solutions are met with resistance, and maybe even emotion. You sometimes feel not good enough and at the end of the day, totally drained, because you’ve taken on “their stuff” and have not been “successful at promoting change.”

Perhaps you feel like you’re running a mile-a-minute to keep up with life. Balance is a bit of a drifting target.

Dear nutrition professional – you’re so normal. So worthy. And SO NOT ALONE.

Your education equipped you with the brilliance to navigate scientific literature, the credibility to get a good job (or create one for yourself) and the skills for evidence-based nutrition practice. So valuable and so awesome.

But the conventional system may also make you feel pressure to stick to a certain mold, not mess up, and even be a little judgemental of out-of-the-box thinking and alternative practitioners.

Here’s the truth: out-of-the-box thinking can help you be better at what you do. It can connect you more deeply with your ideal clients and help you gain respect from people in and out of your sphere.

Embracing Eastern wisdom and philosophy (learned from yoga and mindfulness) can give you an edge, and a whole new set of tools, not only for your interaction with clients, but for your very valuable personal life too.

mindful eating community

054A9373If we haven’t met, I’m Casey Berglund. I was the stereotypical, perfectionistic, overachieving nutrition student.

I worked hard, wanted to be good at everything, and put a lot of pressure on myself to always be improving. Of course this served me in amazing ways. I got good grades, won scholarships, and gained wonderful opportunities because of my ability to work hard and push forward.

I was a “yes” girl – taking on thing after thing for fear of missing out. I thought this would lead to greater “success.” Maybe in some ways, it did. But ultimately, it left me feeling drained and never enough.

I started practicing yoga in my later years of university, and though I hated it at first (I didn’t think I burned enough calories or worked hard enough in class), I eventually fell in love, practicing almost every day for about a year.

I transformed.

I softened, became more balanced, and just happier, overall. I gained courage, a healthier relationship with food and my body, and a better understanding of who I was. I started to deal with difficult situations from a more grounded and level-headed place, and was even better able to connect with people and attract the right one’s to me.  

After my dietetic internship, I had to follow my newfound yoga passion and went on to take a yoga teacher training. My mind was blown, especially as I learned about yoga philosophy and mindfulness. It was like entering into an untapped world that had all the answers for a life with less suffering. Deep, I know.

When I finished the training, I jumped right into working as a dietitian (and teaching yoga too). Because I was a newbie dietitian, and recovering perfectionist, I did what I was told to do and trained to do in the conventional health care system; but time after time, I thought: “Holy, I wish I could just teach a little yoga philosophy and mindfulness – that’d help this client with what they’re really dealing with” (be it stress, trouble sleeping, emotional eating, etc). But I was too scared. What did I know, anyways?

I jumped around from job to job, gaining more experience, but always felt like there was something else I was meant to do. Like I wanted to embrace my “yogi side” while still honouring my “science-y side,” but I didn’t quite know how to go about it.

Fast forward a few years. I’ve figured it out.

I launched my business, Worthy and Well, and built my nutrition and wellness practice around the integration of Eastern philosophy and mindfulness with Western science. I’ve run a few rounds of the very popular Mindful Eating Kickstart Challenge, my online course, Fuel, Flavour, Fun, For Life, and Worthy and Well’s 1-on-1 Mentorship. I use yoga philosophy, meditation, and other mindfulness tools regularly to help clients build healthier relationships with food and their bodies. And the last round of Yoga for Mindful Eating and Living and Yoga for Nutrition Professionals have been pretty darn successful.

And guess what? Research has come a long way, and yoga and mindfulness techniques are becoming validated as therapeutic tools. Woohoo!

So now I feel deep purpose in sharing the gift of yoga and mindfulness with you in an intimate LIVE setting.

I developed Yoga for Nutrition Professionals so you can not only have more tools in your toolbox to be a better coach, but also to support you in your own self-care and exploration of a life with less stress and more joy.

mindful eating communityYoga for Nutrition Professionalsmindful eating community

This 8-week program will help you feel clear and confident about what yoga and mindfulness is and how you can use it in your nutrition practice and your life.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the time that we have together:

054A9288Week 1: Presence

  • What does it mean to be present on your yoga mat, in your body, with your eating, with clients, and in life?
  • How do you teach present-moment awareness to help clients in their relationship with food and their bodies?

Week 2: Pleasure

  • How do you embrace pleasure in a healthy way to bring more joy?
  • Learn the relationship between pleasure and pain and how to respond for the least amount of suffering.
  • How to hold space for emotions in sessions with clients and offer strategies to deal with emotional eating.

Week 3: Power

  • What does exercising personal power or will mean to you?
  • You will practice being with discomfort as you challenge your body and mind. Build confidence and self-esteem to take ownership of your current situation. Act in accordance with your intentions, goals, and soul purpose.

Week 4: Love

  • How do you practice self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-kindness as a foundation for nourishing yourself, showing up for clients, and loving others?
  • You will begin to open your heart through safe and effective backbends and other balancing postures. Learn techniques in self-compassion to love and accept yourself, exactly as you are, without losing sight of your transformative power.

Week 5: Truth

  • What does it mean to have healthy boundaries and communicate what you need?
  • Explore truth, creativity and self-expression in your yoga practice.

Week 6: Trust

  • Do you trust yourself and your body’s inner wisdom, or does logic regularly get in the way?
  • Move into a deeper level of focus and concentration. Open your mind to new ideas about your role as a nutrition leader.
  • Strengthen intuition and learn the language of the body to build self-trust.

Week 7: Surrender

  • Explore your unique spirituality and discover your Higher Self. Learn to let go of what you can’t control and allow yourself to be more receptive to what the Universe has in store.

Week 8: Balance

  • Balance is the ultimate form of health and happiness. We’ll summarize, put it all together, and make sure you feel balanced and integrated as you move forward in your nutrition practice and life. 

mindful eating community

mindful eating community

Yoga for Nutrition Professionals is perfect for…

  • The nutrition professional committed to both personal and professional development who is ready to invest in an out-of-the-box experience to enhance her nutrition practice and her life.
  • The nutrition professional who craves more support with exploring and teaching mindful eating and living.
  • The nutrition professional who wants to open her mind and heart to Eastern philosophy and wisdom, while understanding where Western science is at regarding yoga and mindfulness evidence.
  • The nutrition professional who values balance and wants to experience more calm and joy in her life.
  • The nutrition professional who is generous with feedback and support – someone who wants to connect with other like-minded pros and spread the message of mindful eating, body positivity, and joyful living.

Yoga for Nutrition Professionals is NOT for…

  • Non-nutrition professionals. Sorry! If you are interested in this type of work but are not a nutrition professional, you can certainly check out Yoga for Mindful Eating and Living, right here.
  • The nutrition professional who just wants to stick to teaching what she learned in school. She’s happy with how she practices right now and wants to stay safe and comfortable in that.
  • The nutrition professional who is in it just to suss out her nutrition business competition. It’s important that we create a sacred space for connection, support, and growth. If you can’t contribute to that vibe, please don’t join this program.


mindful eating communityYoga for Nutrition Professionalsmindful eating community

This program includes:

  • Yoga for Nutrition Professionals Workbook – Value: $20. Prior to our first session together, you will fill out an assessment workbook that is loaded with questions from which to glean insight about your goals for the program.
  • 8, in-studio small group yoga classes (60 minutes each) – Value: $1200. Through yoga philosophy, asanas (postures), and pranayama (breath work), we explore the themes of the program to help you deeply understand your relationship with food and your body, as well as your role as a nutrition professional. If you worked with me one-on-one, this would cost $1200!
  • 8, group coaching and journalling sessions (60 minutes each) – Value: $1600. This is where the magic happens! Whether you believe it or not, yoga practice brings to surface your “stuff” and it’s important to be in a safe space to discuss. This coaching one-on-one would cost $1600.
  • Access to an online membership site with summaries, guided meditations, and supportive resources – Value: $200. Yup, outside of our in-person yoga studio, you’ll also receive plenty of support for learning more, meditating at home, and discovering tools to use in your nutrition practice and life.
  • Weekly homework – Value: $200! Did I mention practice makes progress? Each week, you’ll get an assignment to bring awareness to a certain aspect of your life OFF the mat. I may also suggest  a yoga pose or short sequence, or a simple journaling activity.
  • Weekly follow-up summary email – Value: $200! Each week, I will send a brief follow up email summarizing the key theme for the session plus additional questions to contemplate to get the most out of the work.
  • Unlimited email access – Value: $200. I thrive with the opportunity to deepen relationships with people and build nourishing connections with colleagues. I want you to know I’m 100% on your team and available to answer your questions and concerns, on and off the yoga mat.
  • Connecting with other like-minded nutrition professionals  – Priceless. 

If you were to do this program one-on-one, it would cost over $6800!

mindful eating communityYoga for Nutrition Professionalsmindful eating community

Ready to commit to this intimate experience?

Enrolment is currently closed!

mindful eating communitymindful eating community

Words from Vincci Tsui – Dietitian and owner of

mindful eating communityYoga for Nutrition Professionalsmindful eating community

Are you ready?

  • If you know you want to enhance your skills as a nutrition professional and embrace the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for your professional and personal life…
  • If you want to get present and understand your emotions (and how to deal with your clients’)…
  • If you are interested in tapping into your personal power and feeling confident in what you have to offer…
  • If you are looking to build self-compassion, self-acceptance, and self-love and help your clients to as well…
  • If you want to speak your truth, strengthen your intuition, and surrender what you can’t control.…
  • If you want to connect with other positive and like-minded nutrition professionals…

…then this program was created for you.

mindful eating communityYoga for Nutrition Professionalsmindful eating community

Enrolment is currently closed!