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Eat mindfully. Love your body. Live consciously.


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What would it be like…

  • to STOP the war on your body and maybe even learn to love it?
  • to turn chaos into calm and finally have a moment to rest?
  • to end mindless munchies and discover what it means to have a healthy and balanced relationship with food?
  • to live with intention and purpose?

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING?

But right now it’s totally not that way. Right now, you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. You feel frustrated by the fact that you can’t seem to stop obsessing about your body and comparing it to everyone else’s. You feel like you’ve got too many balls in the air, and that’s leaving you feeling stressed and depleted. And whether you’ll admit it or not, this lands you at the fridge (or the office candy jar), mindlessly munching on everything in sight!

Here’s the truth: Hating your body is not going to get you one that makes you happy. Putting everyone else first, is not going to make you feel like you’re enough so you can finally rest. And using food to numb or distract, will keep you stuck in a love-hate relationship with it.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You deserve to have a body you appreciate, a mind that’s calm, and a relationship with food that is nourishing and peaceful. Because frankly, you have a life to live!


And with all that said, I want you to know that you’re not alone with how you feel in this moment.


054A9298bronzeI spent the better part of my life having a hate-on for my body – always thinking it should look different. I was a total perfectionist and people pleaser, taking on one thing after another in an effort to prove to everyone else that I was good enough. And although I knew a lot about food and nutrition as a Registered Dietitian, I didn’t really have a healthy relationship with it. Food controlled me and how I lived.

It wasn’t until I started seriously practicing yoga that my relationship with my body and food started to transform.

Yoga helped me let go of my perfectionist mentality and made me more mindful and balanced. It allowed me to connect with and trust my own unique inner wisdom. It helped me learn to love my body {and my body transformed in the process}, to manage my stress, and to feel in charge around food.

I started yoga for the workout, and I stayed for everything else that yoga brought to my life.

And now, I want to share the power of yoga with you. I developed Yoga for Mindful Eating and Living – an experiential group yoga program – because you can’t just talk about yoga and mindfulness, you have to actually practice it. In order to heal your relationship with your body, you need to be in your body, to learn it, to feel it move, and to experience all that it can do. To manage the craziness of your mind, you need to challenge the mind, learn to watch your thoughts, and let them pass. You need to practice mindfulness to let it infuse your eating and your life. And chances are, you’ll discover so much more {maybe even how to love yourself} through a consistent yoga practice!

I teach yoga classes that are actionable and transformative, and I’m great at breaking down poses and concepts so that they are easy to understand and easy to practice. And you DO NOT have to have a certain body type, or certain level of experience to do yoga. If you can breath, you can do yoga.


Yoga for Mindful Eating & Living


I will guide you to explore the following themes, week by week, to help you get the most out of our work together.

Week 1: Presence

  • What does it mean to be present on your yoga mat, in your body, with your eating, and in life?
  • You will learn the foundational elements of yoga and explore the memories, experiences, and messages that have contributed to your current beliefs about your body and food.

Week 2: Pleasure

  • How do you embrace pleasure in a healthy way to bring more joy?
  • You will learn to observe – without judgement – how you react to emotions as you practice. You will ponder the emotional connections to food and your body and learn how your relationship with food parallels every other relationship in your life.

Week 3: Power

  • What does exercising personal power mean to you?
  • You will practice being with discomfort as you challenge your body and mind. Build confidence and self-esteem to take ownership of your current situation and act in accordance with your intentions, goals, and soul purpose.

Week 4: Love

  • How do you practice self-love, self-compassion, and self-kindness as a foundation for nourishing yourself and loving others?
  • You will begin to open your heart through safe and effective backbends and other balancing postures. Learn techniques in self-compassion to love and accept yourself, exactly as you are, without losing sight of your transformative power.

Week 5: Truth

  • Explore truth, creativity and self-expression in your yoga practice. Commit to effectively communicating your truths and boundaries, including your wellness needs and desires.

Week 6: Trust

  • Do you trust yourself and your body’s inner wisdom, or does logic regularly get in the way?
  • Strengthen intuition and learn the language of the body to build self-trust.

Week 7: Surrender

  • Explore your unique spirituality and discover your Higher Self. Learn to let go of what you can’t control and allow yourself to be more receptive to what the Universe has in store.

Week 8: Balance

  • Balance is the ultimate form of health and happiness. We’ll summarize, put it all together, and make sure you feel balanced and integrated as you move forward in your nutrition practice and life. 



who is this for?


Yoga for Mindful Eating and Living is perfect for…

  • The ambitious individual who deeply wants to heal her relationship with her body and food through yoga, EVEN if she’s never practiced yoga before, and EVEN if she’s got a couple of physical limitations. FYI, I LOVE teaching yoga to “non-yogis.”
  • The positive and action-oriented person ready to build strength and power in body, mind, and spirit.
  • The chronic dieter who is sick of the food fight and the body bashing, and who’s ready to find another way.
  • The busy professional who can’t seem to slow the mental clutter and calm the stress, and knows that a little mindfulness would go a long way toward living a more energetic and focused life. {And please don’t tell me the stress has nothing to do with your food habits and relationship with your body.}
  • The yogi who wants to deepen her practice and develop herself through understanding how she relates to her body and food. {Your relationship with food parallels every other relationship in your life.}

 Yoga for Mindful Eating and Living is NOT for…

  • The closed minded person with no need to explore her relationship with food and her body. She is 100% happy with her body and how she eats right now.
  • The complacent or non-committal person stuck in self-pity and not ready to move forward.
  • The individual who is struggling to put food on the table. This is a an amazingly worthwhile investment in yourself, but the cost should not add significant stress.



Yoga for Mindful Eating & Living


This program includes:

  • Yoga for Mindful Eating and Living Workbook – Value: $20. Prior to our first session together, you will fill out an assessment workbook that is loaded with questions from which to glean insight about your wellness history, including your relationship with your body and food.
  • 8, in-studio small group yoga classes (60 minutes each) – Value: $1200+. Through yoga philosophy, asanas (postures), and pranayama (breath work), we explore the themes of the program to help you deeply understand your relationship with food and your body. If you were to work with me one-on-one, this would cost $1200+.
  • 8, group coaching and journalling sessions (60 minutes each)– Value: $1600+. This is where the magic happens! Whether you believe it or not, yoga practice brings to surface your “stuff” and it’s important to be in a safe space to discuss. If you were to work with me one-on-one, this would cost $1600+.
  • Access to an online membership site with summaries, guided meditations, and supportive resources – Value: $200. Yup, outside of our in-person yoga studio, you’ll also receive plenty of support for learning more, meditating at home, and discovering tools to use in your nutrition practice and life.
  • Weekly homework Value: $200! Did I mention practice makes progress? Each week, you’ll get an assignment to bring awareness to a certain aspect of your life OFF the mat. I may also suggest  a yoga pose or short sequence, or a simple journaling activity.
  • Weekly follow-up summary email – Value: $200! Each week, I will send a brief follow up email summarizing the key theme for the session plus additional questions to contemplate to get the most out of the work.
  • Unlimited email access Value: $200. I thrive with the opportunity to deepen relationships with people and build nourishing connections with colleagues. I want you to know I’m 100% on your team and available to answer your questions and concerns, on and off the yoga mat.
  • Connecting with other like-minded women  – Priceless. 

If you were to do this program one-on-one, it would cost over $6800!


Yoga for Mindful Eating & Livingglitterbar

Are you ready?

  • If you know you need to free yourself from dieting, meal plans, and listening to what works for everyone else…
  • If you want to stop the negative self-talk…
  • If you want to get present, understand your emotions, tap into your personal power, build self-compassion/self-acceptance/self-love, speak your truth, strengthen your intuition, and surrender to your version of Source, the Universe, Higher Power, God…
  • If you are interested in connecting with other like-minded individuals wanting to support you on your journey…
  • If you want to learn more about mindfulness and yoga philosophy and how it can transform your life…

…then this program was created for you.


Yoga for Mindful Eating & Livingglitterbar

Ready to commit to this intimate experience?

Sorry, Yoga for Mindful Eating and Living is currently SOLD OUT!



Will I be able to do the physical movements?

This program will incorporate movement of various levels in accordance with the themes. I will offer modifications for yoga postures and suggest props to support your practice so you leave feeling fabulous. If you have concerns about your health or physical limitations, be sure to ask your doctor if yoga could be a good fit.

What if I need to miss a class?

The next round of the program is online and you can work through it at your own pace. You are never behind and do not need to worry about missing a class.

Will there be another live round?

The honest answer is, maybe, but it is not confirmed. Expect an online program later in 2017.

What if I have more questions?

Please feel welcome to email if you have further questions.


Yoga for Mindful Eating & Livingglitterbar

Ready to commit to this intimate experience?

Sorry, Yoga for Mindful Eating and Living is currently SOLD OUT!