I cried in the gym of a Kansas City Sheraton hotel

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Yesterday morning, I cried in the gym of a Kansas City Sheraton hotel.

I’d just finished my workout and yoga practice, and was finding my stillness in meditation when my eyes started to water and I noticed a wee bit of tightness in my chest and throat. I’m always amazed at what my body reveals when I slow down a little bit and tune in.

Instead of pushing away the uncomfortable sensations, I leaned right into them.

I was missing my partner. The day before would have been our first Valentine’s Day together and even though I’m not one to typically acknowledge the occasion, for some reason this was different. On top of that, I was feeling slightly out of sorts from the previous late night and I had some underlying anxiety about what my time would be like in Kansas City over the next few days.

And then as I continued in stillness to explore the sensations, they magically lifted. My heart became less constricted and more open, and my tears of sadness turned into tears of gratitude and appreciation.

If there were words to describe the feeling that came next, it was pure Love.

Me missing my guy revealed my love for him.

My capacity to honour my feelings and my experience brought me to a deep sense of self-love.

And, what was underneath my anxiety regarding my time in Kansas was love for the people I commit to serving.

What a beautiful experience.

I am here to support a musician-friend of mine at the annual Folk Alliance International Conference. I was honoured when she asked me to be her manager for this trip – to not only help her network and gain opportunities for her music career (I have a secret knack for breaking the ice with strangers and talking up people and businesses I deeply believe in), but to keep her grounded, healthy, in her authentic self, and Playing Big.

It’s so easy for anyone to shrink back instead of stepping into their brilliance, especially when the pressure is on.

After the gym/yoga/meditation experience yesterday and setting my intentions for embracing this Kansas City experience, I was inspired to find a quiet space in the hotel and re-engage with you via a Facebook Live video in Worthy and Well’s Exclusive Online Community (formerly named Worthy and Well’s Mindful Eating Community).

You can watch the video here if you weren’t able to join live.

If you’re not already part of our online exclusive community, please click here and request access. I’ll be popping in there for more live videos with examples of how to stop playing small and start stepping up into your potential.

See you there!



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