You Don’t Need Another Tip, or Trick, or Meal Plan

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Every so often, I just need to turn the video camera on and go on an inspired rant. This is an example of one of those moments. In today’s unedited video I candidly talk about why you don’t need another tip, or trick, or meal plan, or fitness plan… you need this one thing for sustainable health and happiness and everything else will fall into place. I invite you to watch to the very end and leave me a comment with your insights when you’re done.

You Don’t Need Another Tip, or Trick, or Meal Plan

A Little Wellness Inspiration From an Amazing Woman and Former Client

World, meet Megan. I’ve known Megan since I was little. It’s amazing how people from your childhood come back into your life years later for certain divine reasons. Megan took one of my group programs and has since become a wellness inspiration to others as she shares her journey. Recently she posted this to Facebook and I couldn’t help but shout “YES.” I immediately asked if I could share her words of wisdom with the Worthy and Well community. Let yourself be inspired.


Yoga for Mindful Eating and Living

At the end of today’s video, I talk about how practicing yoga and meditation can be such a wonderful tool for self-love and exploring your relationship with food and your body. There are still a few spots left for the LIVE Calgary round of this program starting November 13, 2016. Click the button below to learn more and claim your spot!


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