Dr. Justine Dowd on Self-Compassion

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Dr. Justine Dowd joins me to speak about how self-compassion has played a role in her personal life and her research as a post-doctoral fellow. If you struggle with having a negative mindset sometimes and beating yourself up, then this video is for you. I think we ALL are hard on ourselves, at least from time to time.

You’ll learn about what self-compassion is, why it’s an important part of wellness, and how to put it into practice.

Here’s Your Self-Compassion Video

About Justine Dowd, PhD

justine-headshotJustine is currently employed as a CIHR funded postdoctoral fellow at The University of Calgary in the Health & Wellness Lab.

She is conducting research in two main areas. First, Justine is interested in strategies to improve coping with chronic diseases such as celiac disease. In this area of her work, Justine studies adherence behaviour, self-regulation, and coping strategies such as self-compassion. Second, Justine is also interested in evaluation of health promotion programs. She works with community-based organizations to assess the outcomes of their program(s), explore reasons for success of the program(s) and recommend areas for program improvement.

If you would like to take part in one of the studies mentioned in this interview, please email celiac@ucalgary.ca.

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Does the holiday season stir up food and body anxiety?

If you are someone who struggles in your relationship with food and your body, the holiday season can bring up a lot of anxiety and negative self-talk. Right now can be a wonderful opportunity to practice the three main tenants of self-compassion.

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Common Humanity
  3. Self-kindness


And to support you, I’ve decided to run a LIVE round of the online 10-Day Mindful Eating Kickstart to help you end food and body stress this season and feel a little less crazy around food and more kind. The challenge is simple, fun, and totally doable this time of year!

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