The Path to Transform Your Relationship With Your Body (and Awaken to Your Potential)

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I can’t wait to share this path with you.

But first, can I please just say that if you heard me try to talk right now, you would laugh your ass off. I just got my wisdom teeth out and my face is completely frozen. It’s a pretty funny scene over here at Worthy and Well Headquarters. Luckily, I can still type.

If only healing your relationship with your body was as simple as healing from a tooth extraction, right?!

Unfortunately, it’s a bit more complicated – but still TOTALLY doable.

I want to help you on this journey.

Recently, among a group of business buddies, I was asked: “Casey, have you ever mapped out your journey from disordered eating to this sense of body bliss and the ‘playing big’ that you speak of? Like actually broken down the process you went through on a timeline?”

Hmmmm, nope!

“Why haven’t I ever done that?” I thought.

It was such a powerful exercise for me. Later that afternoon, I got out my pencil and a giant piece of paper and mapped out my entire point A to B journey. Not only was it beautiful to see and reflect on my progress over the years, but also, I received incredible clarity around the transformative process I’ve personally gone through.

I realized that there were three clear phases to my transformation:

Phase 1: Heal

“The uncomfortable phase.”

I went from feeling stuck, struggling, and gripping for control in my relationship with my body (for years) to feeling more free, accepting, and tuned into my body. Rejecting diet culture, starting yoga, and inner wisdom eating (intuitive + mindful eating) were absolutely necessary in this phase of the process. Honestly, I think this was the most awkward phase. I was learning how to think of my body and food in a completely different way, that totally challenged previous versions of myself. But I just had to stick with it.

Phase 2: Empower

“The rebellious phase.”

In this phase, I gave myself permission to break ALL the rules. I ate whatever the hell I wanted. I would lie in savasana for an entire yoga class or add in an extra chaturanga push-up just because I felt like it and that’s what my body needed. I started learning more about how patriarchy and diet culture hurt both women AND men AND everyone in between. I began to understand the relationships between sexualization of women’s bodies, body shame, and oppression. I let myself get angry. I also made PLEASURABLE experiences with my body (and in my life) my top priority. I became super interested in skincare, sensuality, and plain old FUN. I learned that I could be my own guru and I could have a good time doing it.

Phase 3: Awaken

“The ‘Play Big’ phase.”

My enhanced sense of body trust led me to learning how I could use my body’s wisdom to dig into deeper truths that could literally guide many decisions in my life, like what I choose to do in my work to who I choose to date. Building a healthy relationship with discipline and getting committed to consistent mindfulness and processing practices – namely yoga, meditation, and journaling – became critical. I asked important life questions that I would wrestle with, of course, and then get on my yoga mat and wait and listen for my body to give me answers. It became clear where I was playing small and holding myself back, as well as what it would mean to be stepping into my potential and living on purpose.

I spoke in more detail about this path in our exclusive online community AND shared the books I was reading while I was in each of these phases. You can see the video here.

One very important thing worth mentioning is that these phases run more in a circle than a straight line. When you awaken a truth within you, sometimes you realize you have more to heal. You sit with the discomfort of healing and work to feel empowered again, so that you can awaken the next truth.

It’s a lifelong process that is so worthwhile.

Again, here’s where you can join our online community and check out the video.

What has your process been like so far?


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