Privilege, Discomfort, and the Desire to Understand

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There has been a lot happening in the world that has been illuminating my privilege. That has been making me think about how to sit with the discomfort of knowing I need to do a better job in my work to understand and illuminate the voices of those with less privilege. Or even the voices of those with a different perspective. I don’t yet know exactly how to do this.

I’ve been having the most difficult conversations with friends and clients about their bodies, which happen to be larger than mine, illuminating the thin privilege I have.

Though I have been impacted by diet culture and the pervasive message of “you’re not good enough;” and though I understand the desperate desire to lose weight from having a past eating disorder and never feeling like my body is “right,” I DON’T directly know what it is like to live in a larger body in our world.

I know what it’s like to be judged for being “too skinny,” but I don’t know what it’s like to be discriminated against and subject to bias because of being fat in a society that is, unfortunately, fat phobic.

I’ve been listening to the voices of Women of Colour, especially following the issues with the launch of popular author and speaker, Danielle Laporte’s new program, Lighter. The combo of the graphics of black humans plus the words she used were found to be incredibly hurtful and people spoke up about how white leaders can dehumanize black people.

I’ve been very slowly but surely trying to inform myself of the needs of folks in the LGBTQ community and other groups, and I can clearly see how much I have to learn.

To date, I’ve worked mostly with white heterosexual women who have enough privilege to access and pay for my services (I do need to make a living after all), but that doesn’t mean I have no responsibility to be an ally to other marginalized groups of people.

Quite honestly, right now, I have more questions than I have answers.

And I wanted to let you in on the inner workings of my mind in last week’s live show (every Thursday at 12pm MST/ 2pm EST).

In this off-the-cuff video, I talk about all things privilege, discomfort, transition, being an ally, and more!

I want to listen and serve!

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