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Casey Berglund is a Healthy Lifestyle Maven who believes all people deserve to feel free in their relationship with food and at home in their bodies, so they have more energy for the important things in life. She owns Worthy and Well Inc., where she inspires smart, soulful women to ditch the all-or-none and eat for fuel, flavour, and fun.

Casey’s background and experience as a Registered Dietitian, certified yoga teacher, and media spokesperson, combined with her infectious energy, makes her a sought after speaker for various organizations and events. She is a regular contributor to TV, radio, and print media, including Global News, CBC radio, The Globe and Mail, The Huffington Post, Canadian Living, andChatelaine magazine, among others.

Most importantly, Casey provides education, tools, and support to help you discover and stay on track with a unique wellness plan that you can happily follow forever. Through her 10-Day Mindful Eating Kickstart, courses, and events, Casey is dedicated to helping you find the freedom you deserve and the wellness you desire. She also offers limited personal coaching through her mentorship program.

Casey lives in the beautiful Calgary, Alberta, where she enjoys hiking the Rocky Mountains, cooking delicious food, and practicing yoga; though she dreams of the day she’ll return to the simple life – out on the farm, with a few animals, and a gigantic garden.

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