The Power of Transformation In and Through Community

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Transforming yourself is hard work. Especially when you attempt to do it in isolation with little support.

We are wired for connection.

And when it comes to healing, feeling empowered, and playing big in the world, having a close-knit group of like-minded humans in your corner can make ALL the difference.

When I was in India for 7 weeks living in an ashram, I was blown away by the power of transforming in community with others.

In this video I share about a couple of these personal experiences, including why and how being witnessed in my vulnerability was the most important thing that happened to help me process the emotions that arose from deep old wounds, and how having people reflect back to me my natural gifts has helped me to grow and play bigger.

Check it out:

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If you want to connect IN CALGARY every week with like-minded women who are all for authentic real talk, check out our group right here and come to our event!

We’d love to see you there. All of May 2018 will consist of Wednesday night potlucks, and hopefully come June we’ll get started with body positive yoga in the park (just awaiting our permit)!

If you’re from afar, email and let us know what you’d love to see in terms of online community or how we can help you with building local community!

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