Get Unstuck and Play Big in 2018

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Does anyone else feel like the New Year started a couple weeks late? The stars, rather than the calendar, have been guiding my timeline it seems (I’m a closet astrology nerd?).

I’m going to cut right to the chase.

I want to help you PLAY BIG and get unstuck in 2018, but I need your help. 

First, a little context…

If you’re brand new to Worthy and Well, you may not know that last summer I took a massive solo road trip across Canada with the mission to raise awareness about the negative influences of diet culture and empower people to eat mindfully, love their bodies, and live consciously. I met so many incredible people and had magical experiences wherever I was. I learned so much about those in the workshops I facilitated, but I learned even more about myself. And the craziest thing happened, I fell in love on the other side of the country (and he lives with me now)!

Amazing, right? But what happened after? I’ll admit, being back home in Calgary after such an epic journey was HAAARD.

After experiencing complete and utter bliss for 10-weeks, my inner pendulum swung to the other side. The shadow side. There were some deep, mucky, old wounds that revealed themselves and were ripe for healing. Not only was I processing the trip, but starting a brand new relationship, and learning about cohabitation (yes, it all happened really fast). It was a struggle and I didn’t know what parts were growing pains and what parts were just wrong.

And then I went to India.

I spent two months back at home before leaving again for 7 weeks of advanced yoga teacher training.

{Yes, driving across the country AND doing my advanced yoga training were both among my 2017 #lifegoals, alongside finding a life partner. Go figure.}

When I left for India, I felt fearful, fragmented, insecure, and definitely not like myself. Like something was off in my energy. I just wasn’t ‘me.’ I definitely wasn’t the same version of me who put 10,000km on her vehicle by herself.

Luckily, the yoga worked it’s magic. More processing happened, my energy re-aligned, and clarity started to settle in.

I started to feel that familiar but long lost sense of bliss that I had on my road trip. I think the above photo captures it. This time, the bliss stuck around with the new tools I’d learned and commitments I’d kept (and continue to keep) for myself.

I’ll be writing more about this deeply transformative experience and sharing some big 2017 life lessons in next week’s blog post… watch for it – it’s coming.


I have been asking myself what it would mean for me to PLAY BIG, serve from this blissful state, and really live in my potential. And I have also wondered what it would look like for other brilliant, wise, powerful, and beautiful humans to also play big and shine their lights bright.

After a really intense year of ups and downs and loads of personal growth, I now have a sense of my PLAY BIG PLAN for 2018 and am committed to bringing it forth. I’ve also dissected my process and reflected on how I can {continue to} help others play big, turning their struggles into self-discovery. One thing I know to be true is playing big requires getting unstuck, transcending some of the fears and insecurities, and discovering who you truly are. Behind the masks you wear. Behind the ego-identities.

Not a super easy task, but actually quite simple.

I want to create an new AWESOME freebie guide for you about getting unstuck and playing big, and having your insight will really make it extra powerful and transformative for you.

So finally, here’s the question:

What is the #1 struggle holding you back right now from taking your life to the next level?

This could absolutely be related to any or all of the following areas: body + wellness, livelihood + lifestyle, creativity + learning, relationships + society, or essence + spirituality. Anything goes!

Comment below and let me know. OR bring your number one struggle to a free Breakthrough Call with me and I’ll help you work through it. You can apply right here and claim your free call.



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