2 Keys to Ease Stress Eating #nutritionmonth2017

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We all eat when we’re not physically hungry and use food for comfort or to ease stress some of the time. That’s so normal. So human. The challenge is when food becomes a go-to mechanism for soothing, distracting, or numbing uncomfortable emotions. Or when it’s consistently used to “take the edge off” after a long, hard day.

Stress eating is accompanied by guilt and shame for many people. So many of my clients share that they wish they could control it, but that something seems to come over them and in the moment there’s no way out. It’s like the groove in your mind to reach for food to manage discomfort is so deep, it’s hard to get out of that rut. So it makes sense that the solution to stress eating is a complex one, having to do with great shifts in mindset and behaviour. To help you get started, I’ll be sharing two keys to ease stress eating in today’s video.

Are you ready to shift your stress eating patterns?

Seek Support!

You don’t have to go it alone! If you are struggling with stress and your eating behaviours and want support, there are so many people who would be happy to help. A Holistic Registered Dietitian who has experience with helping folks with emotional and stress-related eating could be a good fit (if you think I might be a fit, click here and apply for a free session). Or you might reach out to a Registered Psychologist or other healing and helping practitioner or coach. In my experience, yoga philosophy also has a lot to offer in terms of bringing mindfulness to your patterns and behaviours, observing without judgement, and slowly but steadily working to build new grooves in the brain leading to more lasting behaviour change. Check out this video with 6 questions to ask yourself before hiring a mentor if support is something you’re after.

What else can you expect from #NutritionMonth2017

Take the fight out of food! That’s the theme for Nutrition Month 2017 here in Canada. For the entire month of March, dietitians are educating about 5 main themes:

  1. Food fads – see Video 1 of this series
  2. Digestive woes – see Video 2 of this series
  3. Picky eating – see Video 3 of this series
  4. Eating and stress
  5. Managing chronic conditions

Your Meditation for Stress and Anxiety

To help you in moments of stress and anxiety, I’ve created a guided meditation to help you feel what you are feeling and relax the body and mind. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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Wendy fitzgerald March 23, 2017, 6:45 pm

Looking fwd to this guided meditation.

worthyandwell April 12, 2017, 3:29 pm

Have you tried it out yet, Wendy?

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