A Mindful Approach to Picky Eating #nutritionmonth2017

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Picky eating can make mealtime feel like mayhem. There is only so much you can do to get your kid to take in nutritious food before throwing in the towel and giving them whatever the heck they want. Makes perfect sense that managing picky eating is one thing dietitians are focussing on to help families “take the fight out of food” as part of #nutritionmonth2017.

As a single woman with no children, I’m no mothering expert, but I’ve spoken with lots of moms, dads, and dietitians who deal with picky eating on the regular. And I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to watch my nephews discover what they will or will not have.

In today’s video, I’ll be sharing a mindful approach to picky eating.

Here are some suggestions for when your kids just won’t eat their broccoli…

Seek Support!

There are some wonderful Canadian dietitians who work with kids and families, if you want more support for picky eating. Here are a couple of my faves who I know personally and feel confident recommending:


Or, if you want support with really digging into your own picky eating or relationship with food and your body, using a mindful approach, I’d love to help. Just head here and apply for a free nutrition and wellness assessment and I’ll get you set up for a conversation with me!

What else can you expect from #NutritionMonth2017

Take the fight out of food! That’s the theme for Nutrition Month 2017 here in Canada. For the entire month of March, dietitians are educating about 5 main themes:

  1. Food fads – see Video 1 of this series
  2. Digestive woes – see Video 2 of this series
  3. Picky eating.
  4. Eating and stress.
  5. Managing chronic conditions.

Your Mindful Eating Exercise for the Whole Family

Let me guide you through an exercise you can do with your whole family. Try it as is the first time, and then take what works and make it your own. Getting kids to explore foods differently can make a world of difference and help them to grow up with healthy relationships with food too!

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