Why I’m Not a Weight Loss Coach

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I don’t consider myself a weight loss coach.

“But you’re a dietitian! Who’s all about people loving their bodies. Isn’t that what you do? Help people lose weight, so they can finally love their bodies?”


When I launched Worthy and Well, I don’t think I ever said – “you need to lose weight – let me help you.” Yet, weight loss is still the number one thing that people come to me for. Well, I’d argue they are actually there for something completely different, but weight loss is the result they think they’ll get.

And it makes sense. Every day we are exposed to messages that suggest weight loss be something we strive for:

We live in a dieting culture.

“Fat is bad.”

“You’re overweight and it’s unhealthy.”

“BUT the obesity epidemic!”

“Buy this product/system/service and lose pounds instantly.”

“Eat less, move more” – it’s simple!

Heck, the word “diet” is IN “dietitian.”

Here’s Why I’m Not a Weight Loss Coach

Choose Wellness, Beyond Weight

When you put weight loss to the side, wellness transformation can happen. If you’d like to get clear about where you are stuck, what you really want, and how to move from A to B, I invite you to apply for a free Nutrition and Wellness Assessment.

Nutrition and Wellness Assessment

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Valentina February 16, 2017, 9:51 am

What a lovely video and great message. Thanks for not joining into spreading the damages of dieting culture!

worthyandwell March 2, 2017, 10:26 am

I appreciate you taking the time to share this! You are welcome <3!

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