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Do you feel FREE in your relationship with food?

…or do you feel stuck and held back by eating habits you can’t seem to kick or constantly thinking about food?

Do you feel CONFIDENT inside your body?

…or do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin?

Do you LOVE your life?

…or are you held back from your dreams because you never seem to feel “good enough” to have the life you desire?

I hear ya.

You are a smart and soulful individual. You are health conscious and know that it is important to eat well, move your body, sleep and manage stress, but there is something holding you back. Not enough willpower, you might say, lack of time and energy, or lack of skills. You feel overwhelmed by what you “should” and “shouldn’t” do and don’t know where to start with taking action.

You probably go through phases of feeling “on,” where you are excited to “be in control, get healthy, and get happy.” For a period of time you are super careful to follow some set of rules about what goes into your mouth and how much exercise you do. You might track every calorie, have a few solid days (or months) at the gym, and sleep for 8 hours per night, but then at some point you either feel the constant thoughts about food are driving you nuts, or you stop enjoying your carb-less, fat-less, and fun-less meals and say “to HELL with it” and give in to your favourite treat… or the whole batch.

And you feel guilty. Not good enough. Like you’ve failed… again.

But, what if the system has failed you? What if you are stuck in a flawed and disordered paradigm that keeps you feeling like you’re failing?

What if you are stuck in a system that suggests you need to look outside of yourself to fulfill your needs? That some expert, celebrity, or other external force has the answer to making you feel free, loved, and whole. One that keeps you classifying your food choices as “good or bad,” your body as “acceptable or not acceptable,” and your life as “fulfilled or not fulfilled.” This paradigm is rigid, prescriptive, perfectionistic, and out of alignment with your unique inner wisdom. And it keeps you never feeling good enough.


A message from Casey

The sad thing is that MANY people live in this paradigm.

I did too.

For me, this paradigm made me aim for control over every area of my life. I would strive to get straight A’s in school, eat in a very rigid way (that would often backfire), work towards the “perfect” body, and strive to be the woman I felt everyone wanted me to be. Living in this paradigm made me a chronic over-achiever, a people pleaser, a self-saboteur and the queen of ALL-OR-NONE. It made me chronically stressed. I could accomplish the world and not feel good enough. Never satisfied with me, exactly as I was.

I had an unhealthy and unhappy relationship with food, my body, and myself.

And then I decided to study nutrition at University. Learning about the science of food and nutrition helped me to better understand how my rigid food rules and all-or-none thinking could be doing more harm than good and how fueling my body needed to be more about health, than image. I learned about how nutrients work inside various bodies to affect their state of wellness. And I learned how to critically think about whether or not to believe bits of information presented in the media, on popular bookshelves, or in research itself.

Studying nutrition was hugely beneficial, but my paradigm didn’t totally shift until I found yoga. It was yoga that truly transformed me.
On the mat, my practice connected me with my body, my thoughts, and my emotions. It provided a safe space to observe all my judgments, criticisms, and preconceived notions about life, and question them. It gave me permission to just be… without having to change a damn thing about myself.

Off the mat, yoga made me more mindful. It showed me that I have inner wisdom that can guide the way I eat, the way I move, the way I show up in relationships, and the way I love myself. Yoga taught me that I was born whole, unbroken, joyful, and full of love. And it continues to help me shift from figuring out what’s wrong with me to uncovering what is right about me.

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Now, I love food. I love how it nourishes me, brings pleasure to my life, and allows me to connect with people. I eat what I want when I am hungry and it’s the perfect combination of pleasing and nourishing. I enjoy cooking beautiful, healthy, and tasty meals – for myself, and for others. I am grateful for the ability to transform raw ingredients into something magical and complex, or incredibly simple.

I love my body, including the dimples in my thighs and the scars under my chin. I feel at home inside my body and appreciate how it moves, digests, and keeps me alive. I exercise because it feels good, not because I did something wrong.

I love my life. I have learned to let go of the struggle in my relationship with food, my body, and myself so I have energy for the things that matter.

Here’s the truth: Right now, you are enough!

You are worthy. And you deserve to feel free in your relationship with food, at home in your body, and in love with your life!

That’s why I created Worthy and Well’s 1-on-1 Mentorship Program – a six-month intensive partnership (YOU + ME) dedicated to your wellness. Our time together is completely tailored to your unique needs. You will learn to ditch the all-or-none, and eat for fuel, flavour, and fun. We will be mindful, strategic, and real. We will dive DEEP into the following topics:

  1. Fuel. How the food you eat, the thoughts you think, the words you speak, and the actions you take contribute to or detract from your wellness dreams and desires. We’ll talk nutritional science, mindful and intuitive eating, positive psychology and behaviour change science.
  2. Flavour. Everything from boosting the flavour of your food to embracing the flavour of life. This is all about why you deserve pleasure and how to get it in a mindful and balanced way.
  3. Fun. Eating is and always has been at the core of human connection. You will learn how to eat and be well among friends, family, and colleagues.

To best serve mentorship clients, I open up only a few spots for those perfect fit people, a couple of times per year! 

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Lindsay Austin Half Way Mentorship TestimonialBefore working with Casey, I had no direction, purpose, calendar's or goals. I had an all-or-none attitude toward all wellness initiatives and not enough movement in the day-to-day.

Through working with Casey, I have recognized that my "inner fat girl," "inner critic," and "inner perfectionist" are all the same and they hold me back. I've since changed the way I feel about progress - now progress is a theme. I am FEELING GOOD about progress. I am now consistently practicing the 4P's {plan, purchase, prepare and pack}, scheduling wellness, and being more mindful in work, yoga, and life. In other words, I've been budgeting time and energy for wellness and my mindfulness and self-worth are increasing.

Working with Casey is a dream. She really cares about your success and I feel like she really pushes the extra mile as a coach and mentor. I trust her so much, and just innately know I am in good hands. The program is beyond customized, my needs are managed very astutely while also sharing her inner wisdom with me. The perfect mix of practical knowledge and specific custom conversations. And the recipes and meal plans have been amazing! Just her unique ideas on how to "move the needle" have been so appreciated.

I would recommend Casey and I have already.... to those who have had failed wellness journeys in the past. You feel so broken and unsure about what you can and can't do. Casey erases all doubt in your capabilities. She is AMAZING. So inspiring. So loving and giving. I just think she has the best energy and is so committed to making her clients feel good. Practical and pragmatic, pushes you when you need a push and supports the journey 100%.

Lindsay Austin Team Lead, People Relations; Calgary, AB, Canada

Your VIP Mentorship Experience


{All communication will be done online via Skype and Email}

  1. 054A9216One, 2 Hour Clarity + Strategy Intensive. In this initial assessment and strategy session, we will dive into everything YOU! How you use food for fuel, flavour and fun; your health history; your thoughts and feelings about food + your body; and your wellness and life dreams and desires.
  2. Fourteen, 1×1 Strategy + Consulting Sessions. After the 2-hour clarity and strategy intensive, you will speak with Casey weekly for a month and then bi-weekly after that (a total of 14, 50-minute sessions). These are laser focused coaching sessions.
  3. Direct Email Access to Casey + Bonus Emergency Call. You will have unlimited email access to Casey during work week hours (with priority response time – within 24-48 hours).
  4. BONUS registration for Worthy and Well’s Fuel, Flavour, Fun! For Life Online ProgramFuel, Flavour Fun! For Life is an 8-week online group program built to help you plan for and practice wellness in a group setting. It gives you tools to eat and live mindfully, for the long-term.
  5. BONUS registration for Worthy and Well’s Yoga for Mindful Eating and Living Online Program. In this course, we use powerful themes, yoga practices, meditations, and mantras to help you shift your mindset and align your behaviours with how you really want to live and feel.
  6. Worthy and Well Insider Status + Recommended Resources List. You will have access to free tips and tricks through Worthy and Well’s newsletter as well as Casey’s favourite’s list including books, apps, and other tools.

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Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 1.38.07 PMBefore working with Casey, I had a very unhealthy relationship with food. I would skip most meals, and push off eating. When I did eat I would eat late at night and it would generally be something like processed, frozen or take out food. This relationship with food created many health problems for me, the primary being a diminished immune system and weight loss. I struggled with this for nearly a decade. I tried many different "diets", exercise regimes, supplements, etc. and while sometimes I saw short term results, there was never anything that would last and make me feel healthy (from the inside out). For example, while taking large doses of certain protein powders I did see some weight gain, but after a few weeks I started feeling sluggish, sweaty, and had trouble concentrating. After stopping the protein powders my weight almost immediately dropped back down to my underweight status. I realized that the only way to solve this problem was with a ground-up re-education of food and how I integrate food into my life. I needed to start giving my body what it needed on the most basic levels. Basic vitamins, proteins, fats, etc.

So I found Casey. I worked with Casey for half a year on her six month Worthy & Well Mentorship Program and it completely changed my life. It changed the way I see food, completely. I now plan my day with food and meals in mind. Food has gone from the back of my mind to part of my everyday. After learning what foods supply me with certain nutrients and how to get the most out of easy, quick, healthy everyday meals; I have not only put on weight but I hit the exact goal weight that I set with Casey at the beginning of the program.

Now that I have completed the program I continue the habits that I gained with Casey. Making healthy meals, buying healthy foods and eating at appropriate times and portions have become a normal part of my day; it's not something I have to put effort into. It truly became a life-change. This experience effected my entire family; both my wife and our toddler daughter have completely changed our relationship with food. I would recommend that anyone who understands that food truly is the fuel for your body and wants to learn how to harness that fuel for the enrichment of your health and lifestyle, should talk to Casey. I know I'm glad I did! 🙂

Tye Hille Owner: http://tyeguyit.com; Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

glitterbarYou may have coverage for dietitian services through your Health Benefits Plan

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Who is mentorship NOT for?

This program is not for you if…

  • You are happy with your current health and wellness routine or don’t feel like investing right now
  • You are seeking a rigid meal plan or quick weight loss fix {there are lots of books out there for this}!
  • You feel a very conventional diet-based platform would work well to help you achieve your goals
  • You are not sure if you want to commit to a long-term transformation-based program

Who is mentorship for?

Worthy and Well Mentorship has been designed for people who are a lot like me!

  • Conscious Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Coaches, Forward Thinkers, Leaders, or Yogis who are ready to commit to a long-term transformation-based program
  • Ex-chronic-dieters who have had enough! You’ve hit diet rock bottom. If you’ve had many failed wellness journeys in the past and you want a clean, fresh, and positive start, mentorship could be perfect for you
  • Soulful and savvy individuals craving a non-diet approach to eating so that they can happily sustain positive behaviours
  • Action takers who are open-minded, positive, and willing to take on a new approach for experiencing change in wellness + life
  • Individuals excited to be part of a paradigm shift


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More praise… 

Shannon Goddard testimonialThis will be the last diet/nutrition thing you will ever need. They say "if you give a man a fish he will eat for a meal, but if you teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime” - this is the difference to me from the other dietitian appointments I have had versus Casey’s appointments and support. She really works through with you what is working for you and what is not working for you. I have learnt so much and I have the confidence to keep going…

Shannon Goddard Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My biggest challenges prior to teaming up with Casey for Mentorship were getting meals on the table, buying groceries that feed my family for the week, and overcoming the stress associated with my food perceptions. I have since been given good guidance regarding some of my unhelpful food opinions and perceptions. Having Casey's understanding of food and her access to unbiased information has been really helpful in letting them go.

I have been provided with easy meals ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner that have gotten me back into the habit of cooking and helped me be prepared to meal plan. The big thing for me is meals have to be easy. I don't have to buy ingredients I'll only use once or twice and so far nothing has taken me longer than 60 min. to prep or complete.

As I cook again and think about food with new, clearer information, it has helped me look at some of my bad habits with eating and be motivated to make changes - and I appreciated the conversation about what will replace the food I am wanting to take out as it is something I haven't thought about.

My family is enjoying what we have been eating and the meals are balanced and flavorful.
As for my movement piece, I have a clearer understanding of what my limits are and that the body I have today is the one I need to respect and be grateful for.

I love Casey's patience and thoughtfulness of our conversations. It is great to be supported and nurtured through this process and not have conversations about what I need to do better, take out of my diet or change about myself. Casey gives me the opportunities to get there myself with out feeling pushed or guilty. As a result, I feel calmer and more in control.

I would absolutely recommend Mentorship with Casey if you want to move through a program and not be consumed with the do's and don'ts, the number on a scale, or feeling inadequate. This approach is truly a gift and allows so much more awareness to unfold. If you are considering working with Casey, you need to know that you have to be ready to commit to the process. Casey is a great facilitator and supporter but it requires presence on your part.

The first 3 months have been great - I can't believe we are half way through! When we first started 6 months felt like a very long time but I do not feel complete in my goals yet and understand the wisdom of moving mindfully and giving yourself the time to get there.

Lori Shackleton Yoga Therapy Teacher; Calgary, Alberta, Canada