Is Your Body Holding You Back From Living in Your Potential?

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Happy belated International Women’s Day!

I’m still celebrating.

In fact, I might just celebrate all year long and for the rest of my life ;),

In case you missed it, check out the recent live segment I did with Global Calgary News. I talked about 3 ways you can stop playing small, and start stepping into your potential.

Teaser: one of the ways I suggest is to stop criticizing (your body, especially) and start celebrating!

Because when you spend so much energy criticizing your body, you hold yourself back from using that energy on important people, projects, or your purpose in life – the things that REALLY matter.

At least that’s my belief, based on my experience and on the experiences of many of my past and current clients.

You see, I had a full blown, undiagnosed eating disorder, that of course left me trying to pick up the pieces and heal in the years to come.

I shared all the nitty gritty details in our exclusive Facebook community.

You can catch the video right here.





At that time, my whole life was centered around my body, my weight, and food. I was obsessed with CONTROL when my life felt chaotic.

And when my mind was focused on controlling and criticising, there just wasn’t as much space for anything else. I certainly didn’t spend energy celebrating how smart, sensitive, and skilled I was, and how I really wanted to serve in the world.

So many of my clients have similar stories.

Maybe not about full blown eating disorders, but body struggles, for sure.

And that’s okay. If this is you, it’s okay to be exactly where you are.

And I hope you are open to taking a step forward toward healing that relationship you have with your body, maybe even becoming empowered in your body, and awakening to the bliss and power of your soul that lives inside your amazing body.

That’s the journey I wish to take you on.

Join our exclusive Facebook community to get first dibs on videos every Tuesday, where I can hold your hand and help you take steps forward to transform your relationship with your body. That was our focus for the entire month of March!

See you there.



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