How to Have Faith When You’re Stuck in Fear or Frustration

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If you’re human, you experience fear and frustration. And if you’re not feeling ease and flow in your relationship with food, your body, or your life, fear and frustration can certainly be triggered. But you gotta have faith, even especially when it’s challenging.

Recently, I surveyed the Worthy and Well community to get a better sense of what’s going on for people just like you, so I have a better idea of how I can help through the video blog, and other programs and services like Yoga for Mindful Eating and Living {Online}. I reviewed each and every response and kept hearing a variation of…

“I’m scared of gaining weight” or “…not losing it.”

“I worry that this is just the way I am and I’ll always struggle and sabotage myself.”

“I hate that I feel successful in every area of my life except controlling what I eat.”

“I always feel unattractive and I don’t know if I’ll ever feel positive about my body…”

I get it. It’s scary. And being in fear, well, kind of sucks.

In today’s video, I share common fears and frustrations when it comes to your relationship with food and your body, and what you can do to restore your faith in Life. I also share some personal stories of being stuck in fear and the lessons I learned on my own spiritual journey.

Here’s how to have faith!

Share your fears and frustrations!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be diving more deeply into common fears and frustrations shared by this community in an effort to help you shift your energy to align with love, faith, and positivity. If you’d like to share about your personal frustrations, and provide some valuable information so I can serve you better…

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