Sally Powis-Campbell on Holistic Mental Health

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Sally Powis-Campbell, Calgary psychologist, joins me to speak about the many factors that impact mental health. We jam on everything from how breathing, mindful eating, and mindful movement play a role in mental health; to the positive impact of essential oils and being engaged in the community.

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Here’s the interview with Sally Powis-Campbell 

About Sally Powis-Campbell

Sally Powis-Campbell is the founder of Wholistic Health YYC (WHyyc). Her company primarily offers psychology & nutrition services. WHyyc thrives on being a hub for foodie enthusiasts, fitness fanatics & health curious minds.

Sally could help you if you’re looking for assistance in getting off autopilot & living more mindfully, looking to build a healthier relationship with food and your body, or explore other topics related to health psychology and sports psychology. She works primarily with kids and families!

Reach Sally at

Here are links to resources mentioned in the interview:

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