How Hating Your Body Serves You

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Hating your body serves you. Yes it does, or you wouldn’t do it. So often, women see their bodies in a negative light and seem to always have an inner voice criticizing in the background. When I introduce the idea in my programs and services that you can choose self-acceptance and self-love right now, instead of waiting until your body changes, it makes women uncomfortable. Almost like they’d rather be stuck in body hatred.
Moving from body discontentment to body love is hard, I get it. It might be because of the underlying perceived benefits of hating your body. In this video, I’ll explore those benefits and provide perspective.

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How Hating Your Body Serves You

Want to move beyond diet culture, hating your body, and start to love and trust yourself?

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Mary Collette Rogers July 6, 2017, 1:07 pm

Loved this video–I was hooked immediately by the subject line and wondered how you were going to support it. But now I see that hating our bodies looks like it “serves us,” but in reality, it doesn’t–just a cultural myth. You’re right–time for a culture shift. Thanks for being brave enough to call for it.

worthyandwell July 6, 2017, 1:22 pm

Hi Mary! Thank you for your comment. It absolutely IS time for a culture shift. Thank you for your support with this!

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