glitterbarWhat would it be like…

  • to feel FREE in your relationship with food, instead of stuck and imprisoned by a diet?
  • to appreciate your body’s inner cues, like hunger, instead of wishing them away?
  • to have energy for the important things in life, instead of feeling sucked dry by failed attempts at finding a diet that works?

It would be a dream.

I’m Casey Berglund, a Registered Dietitian, Yoga Teacher, Founder of Worthy and Well, and Creator of Fuel, Flavour, Fun! For Life. I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals aching for a healthy AND happy life and I know that for many people, the description above really would be a dream.

But right now you have a love-hate relationship with food and your body.

You have constant nagging thoughts about what to eat, mean inner talk, and the belief that no matter what you do to try to be healthier, you’re just not good enough to get it right!

You are stuck in an all-or-none cycle with your eating.

Often, you tell yourself you don’t have enough time, willpower, or energy to do what you know you “should” do for good health. OR, you decide to make a change, you get amped up for your new diet or cleanse, follow the plan to a ‘T’ for a few days or months and then life happens, you fall off the wagon, and end up worse off than you began. And you are left with a pile of guilt, because after all, you know what to do and you are just not doing it!

Here’s the truth: The all-or-none eventually gets you NONE!

If you are anything like me, you’ve experienced this time and time again, and you are tired of it. You are more interested in a way of eating that you can happily follow forever. One that is unique to your needs, preferences, and desires.


How I FINALLY ditched the all-or-none...


054A9373For many years I had an unhealthy and unhappy relationship with food and my body. I would read every diet or food book I could get my hands on and eat in a very rigid way (that would often backfire). I would work toward the “perfect” body and strive to be the woman I thought everyone felt I should be. I was a people pleaser, a self-saboteur and the queen of all-or-none. And I never felt good enough. Never satisfied, exactly as I was.

This was exhausting and kept me feeling stuck…

Things started to shift when I went on to study nutrition in university. Learning about the science of food and nutrition helped me better understand how my rigid food rules and all-or-none thinking could be doing more harm than good. I learned how to critically look at information presented in the media, on popular bookshelves, or in research itself. I learned NOT to fall into “quick fix” traps and instead focus on what I could do for good health AND happiness for the rest of my life.

Studying nutrition was hugely beneficial, but it was falling into yoga and meditation that truly transformed me, including my relationship with food and my body. Yoga helped me let go of my perfectionist mentality and made me more mindful and balanced. It allowed me to connect with and trust my own unique inner wisdom, which continues to guide the way I eat, the way I move, and the way I live.

Now, I love food.

I love how it nourishes me, brings pleasure to my life, and allows me to connect with people. I eat what I want when I am hungry and it’s the perfect combination of pleasing and nourishing. I enjoy cooking beautiful, healthy, and tasty meals – for myself, and for others. I am grateful for the ability to transform raw ingredients into something magical and complex, or incredibly simple.

I love my body…

…including the dimples in my thighs and the scars under my chin. I feel at home inside my body and appreciate how it moves, digests, and keeps me alive. I exercise because it feels good, not because I did something wrong.

I love my life.

I have learned to let go of the struggle in my relationship with food and my body, so I have energy for the things that matter.

And all along the journey, I have had valuable support systems in place. Amazing friends and coaches to keep me accountable, celebrate my successes, and encourage me when I struggle. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

You deserve to feel free in your relationship with food and confident in your body, so that you can truly love your life too!

That’s why I created Fuel, Flavour, Fun! For Life, a self-paced online group training program!

…so you can learn a NEW way to be healthy and happy, without dieting, and without sacrificing pleasure.


Myste Kruger Testimonial“I was so confused by all the conflicting information out there that I didn't even know what to eat anymore. I had lost weight on different fad diets, but it always crept back on....I wanted to end that madness! Fuel, Flavour, Fun! For Life really made me more aware and conscious (aka mindful) about food in general. I love Casey's heart, and how this wasn't just a Science based nutrition program. She really incorporates overall wellness and made me realize that self-care and sleep are a huge part of this puzzle. I really think I have all the tools I need to move forward as a healthier and thinner person…”

Myste Kruger Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

glitterbarFuel, Flavour, Fun! For Lifeglitterbar

I’ll bring to the table everything I know about nutrition, mindfulness, intuitive eating, positive psychology, and behaviour change. Together, we’ll co-create an UNBELIEVABLE experience and network of like-minded individuals, to help you find true success… YOUR WAY. This is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but rather a program that gives you the education, insights, experiences, and networks to dig deep and discover what you need to truly ditch the all-or-none, and eat for fuel, flavour, and fun… for life!

More specifically, Fuel, Flavour, Fun! For Life includes the following modules:

054A9133Module 1: Prepare for Progress

The very first module is of critical importance to get you prepped and pumped for sustainable health and wellness transformation. In this module, we cover:

  • The role that your mindset plays in helping or hindering your wellness success
  • Tools to MASTER your mindset and to overcome the inner voices and saboteurs that hold you back
  • The role of planning in creating healthy habits
  • Specific strategies for prioritizing wellness and creating rituals
  • Setting goals with soul to keep you focused and inspired throughout the program.

Module 2: The Outer Wisdom

Before we dive more heavily into 054A9120mindfulness strategies to help you find a way of eating that works for YOU, I’ll help you get clear about what we know about nutrition, according to current research. You’ll learn:

  • The foundations of a healthy diet and the science for going plant-centric. {Don’t worry, you meatarians, I’m not suggesting you eliminate any one food group – this is more about how to incorporate plenty of meals based around plants!}
  • Myths and facts about nutrition including current evidence on controversial topics, like going gluten-free, the perks and pitfalls of paleo, and the do’s and don’ts of dairy, for example.
  • How to create a Meal Prep Ritual in a way that will SIMPLIFY getting food on the table, whether you’re cooking for a family or just for YOU!

Module 3: Your Inner Wisdom

054A9288Ready to tap into the truth that’s always with you? Once you unlock these secrets, you’ll feel free and confident that you can feed your body, exactly what it needs. You’ll discover:

  • Why and how to love your body NOW! This is one of my favourite parts of this program!
  • How to practice inner wisdom eating – mindful and intuitive eating – and use it to serve your wellness goals.
  • The 7 types of hunger and how to feel the hunger that needs to be fueled and the fullness that suggests you stop.
  • How to balance outer and inner wisdom.

Module 4: The Satisfaction Factor

054A9254You deserve to enjoy what you eat! In fact, enjoying what you eat is essential for healing your relationship with food. Ditch the bland and boring and create satisfying meals; bring your food to life with these tips and tricks. We’ll cover:

  • Why to make peace with food and give yourself unconditional permission to eat, especially your favourite foods!
  • The key components of a satisfying meal.
  • Healthy and indulgent kitchen hacks to help you transform simple dishes into “restaurant-worthy” delicacies.
  • Mindfulness strategies and tips to help you savour each bite!

Module 5: Your Cravings

054A9279Ever wonder why some days you just HAVE to have a bowl of ice cream, and other times it’s a bag of chips you need? Ever thought about why? It’s time to sit with and truly understand your cravings. In this module, we’ll dive deep into:

  • How to deal with emotional  and mindless eating.
  • Why and how to take a pause, sit with cravings, and discover what you truly need.
  • Strategies for coping with your emotions without food.
  • Increasing true pleasure in your life, so you can say goodbye to mindless munchies.

Module 6: Get the Support You Need

054A9237Although you do need to find and maintain a wellness plan that works for YOU, you don’t need to do it alone. Support is critical for long-term change. Here, we’ll cover:

  • The benefits to having support in your wellness and life and why you need an amazing wellness BFF {and where to find her}.
  • How to create your own wellness mastermind and mini-retreat.
  • How to manage wellness saboteurs and stay aligned with your intentions, even when eating out and on special occasions.
  • The keys to keeping your wellness plan FUN!


BONUS #1: Make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

This bonus training is all about setting up your environment for healthy and mindful eating habits. The environment around you plays a HUGE role in supporting or detracting from healthy eating habits. Let’s make this process EASIER by clearing the clutter, and prepping the kitchen to help you eat well!

BONUS #2: Nutrition Deep Dive – Macronutrients

For those of you who want a deeper understanding of carbohydrates, protein, and fat, including suggested requirements, you will have access this extra special bonus.

BONUS #3: Nutrition Deep Dive – Micronutrients

Every wondered about vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemical? “Phyto-what?” you might be saying… This training will help you get clear about these teeny tiny compounds in foods that can impact your health in a powerful way!

BONUS #4: Let’s get Cooking!

I’ve created a series of cooking videos JUST for you so you never have to wonder again what to do with quinoa, kale, salmon, pulses, and more!

BONUS #5: Meditation Recordings

I have mentioned how meditation can be a very effective way to practice mindfulness. Included within Fuel, Flavour, Fun! For Life are meditations to help you with mindful eating AND mindful living (this includes sleep and stress)! These are POWERFUL!

And, don’t worry, you get access to a private support group for help with integrating and implementing what you’ve learned!

I’ll be with you throughout the program in this Facebook group, along with the other participants and alumni. Together, we’ll support each other with practicing mindful eating strategies so that you can start to feel free, versus stuck, in your relationship with food.

Two Options Available


Option #1: Self-Study!

When you register for the program, you get access to ALL of the 6 core modules, the 5 core bonuses, and the private support group.

Option #2: VIP

If you’d like EVEN MORE support, you can upgrade to VIP and get 3, 1-on-1 coaching calls with me (50 minutes each) PLUS a special welcome bonus gift – a few of my favourite things!

Enrolment is OPEN! Be sure to check if you have Health Benefits Coverage for work with a Registered Dietitian!


Self study

VIP FFF For Life

glitterbarFuel, Flavour, Fun! For Life is not for everyoneglitterbar

 Who is Fuel, Flavour, Fun! For Life for?

I invite you to join this program if…

  • You are a smart and soulful individual (especially if you’re a healing and helping professional, coach, entrepreneur, or yogi) who is ready to commit to a long-term transformation-based program.
  • You’re craving a non-diet approach to eating  to finally help you feel free in your relationship with food and your body, so that you can truly live your life. You want to find the balance of eating for fuel, flavour, and fun!
  • You’re an action taker who is open-minded, positive, generous, and willing to take on a new approach for experiencing change in your health and wellness.
  • You’re excited to be part of a paradigm shift. You believe there has got to be more to health and wellness than calorie counting, meal plans, and excessive exercise!
  • You LOVED the Fuel, Flavour, Fun! 21-Day Mindful Eating Challenge and are pretty stoked there’s a way to carry on the momentum. Haven’t taken part in the Challenge yet? Don’t miss out – join by clicking here.
  • You thrive when you have support from an intimate group.


Who is Fuel, Flavour, Fun! For Life NOT for?

This program is not for you if…

  • You are happy with your current health and wellness routine or don’t feel like investing right now
  • You are seeking a rigid meal plan or quick weight loss fix {there are lots of books out there for this}!
  • You feel a very conventional diet-based platform would work well to help you achieve your goals
  • You are not sure if you want to commit to a long-term transformation-based program
  • You’re a total pessimist, have a hard time seeing the glass half full, and aren’t willing to contribute to supporting the health and wellness of others, in addition to your own.
  • You require extensive 1-on-1 support for a very specific and unique medical condition.

Think you’re a good fit? Enrol now! Be sure to check your Health Benefits Plan for Registered Dietitian Coverage!

Self study

VIP FFF For Life


Fuel, Flavour, Fun! For Life


food, cooking, wine, fuel, flavour, fun, dietitian, nutritionist, yogaEvidence-based nutrition information + kitchen hacks + mindfulness strategies in an intimate and supportive setting so you can truly eat better and enjoy it, for good!

ready to get started?

Fuel, Flavour, Fun! For Life is in-depth online mindful eating training for smart and savvy individuals who want to feel FREE in their relationship with food.

On the surface, it’s about eating better and feeling confident that you can maintain healthy habits…

But really, it’s about letting go of the food fight and body bashing, so you can truly live your life, with energy, vibrancy, and mindfulness.

When you enroll in Fuel, Flavour, Fun! For Life you get immediate access to a private membership site, through which you’ll be able to view ALL the modules and bonuses that are part of your in depth, unlike any other nutrition and wellness program out there.

Each module has about 3 lessons within it. These lessons include educational videos, worksheets, slides, and recommended resources that you can work through at your own pace! And of course, you’ll have access to a private Facebook group where you can discuss and strategize with other participants.

This program is purposely kept intimate, so you can truly get the support you need for success!

Did I mention you’ll have lifetime access?

Yes, that’s right. As long as I am running Fuel, Flavour, Fun! For Life, you’ll be able to join us! And that includes all the updates and upgrades too. We’ll evolve together.

Two Options Available


Option #1: Self-Study!

When you register for the program, you get access to ALL of the 6 core modules, the 5 core bonuses, and the private support group.

Option #2: VIP

If you’d like EVEN MORE support, you can upgrade to VIP and get 3, 1-on-1 coaching calls with me (50 minutes each) PLUS a special welcome bonus gift – a few of my favourite things!

You might have coverage for work with a Registered Dietitian! Check out your Health Benefits and we can provide itemized receipts!

Self study

VIP FFF For Life

Sandy Laturnas Testimonial"I'm amazed at the amount of information Casey knows and is able to share (and share so clearly) and I'm beyond thankful for her positivity. Her love of what she does is evident! While I've finished listening to the modules my plan is to start again and work through the workbook. The biggest change for me (and a change I will be eternally grateful for) is that I no longer "fear" food. I know that sounds like an over exaggeration but it's the truth. My fear was more around ruining my diet, being able to avoid temptation, and feeling like a failure when I gave in. My view has changed significantly. While I still don't always make good food choices I acknowledge them as a choice, accept what kind of hunger I'm feeding and enjoy what I'm eating. It's amazing how freeing that is!"

Sandy Laturnas Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

"The biggest challenges I faced prior to Fuel, Flavour, Fun! For Life were night time eating and poor self image. The most important strategies I took away from this program were giving myself lots of self-compassion, listening to my body and understanding my fullness and hunger, and having a wellness buddy. Because of this course my body image has changed and now I give myself permission to make mistakes and have slow weight loss. I am now so open to and listening for other ideas about mindful eating, even though Casey covered everything - it was so in depth. I would recommend {and have been recommending} Casey to anyone interested in mindful eating. I am very happy and satisfied with the content. Casey even answered questions quickly. She is warm and very committed to this program. If you really want to change your eating habits, take this course!"

Shelly Hunter Calgary, Alberta, Canada