Try this: Fast Fish and Fresh Herbed Veggies

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Need a quick and easy recipe for dinner tonight? Try this: Fast Fish and Fresh Herbed Veggies. This recipe is especially great in those spring, summer, or fall months when you’re looking for some healthy protein and Omega 3 fatty acids (from the fish) and a variety of other nutrients (from the vegetables). Oh, and did I mention, it’s plain old delicious?
Take a peek at the video below to learn how to easily whip together this awesome dinner.

Fast Fish and Fresh Herbed Veggies

This recipe was adapted from the Dietitians of Canada recipe website and app, Cookspiration. You can find the original recipe right here. I chose to cook these ingredients in the oven, but you could create packets with tin foil (as per the original recipe) and throw on the BBQ.

Someday I’ll get a BBQ.

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