3 Nourishing Comfort Foods for Colder Weather

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As the weather changes and we transition into the cooler seasons, cravings naturally begin change as well. I recently spoke with Global Calgary ALL about a few nourishing comfort food dishes for colder weather and how to get to the root of comfort eating!

Check out the video!

Want the recipes?

Here’s where you can find them…

Chana Masala

I was so delighted when my friend, Andrea Hardy of Ignite Nutrition, told me that a couple recipes from Remedy Cafe – my FAVOURITE University study spot – were in the Edmonton Cooks Cookbook. I made this Chana Masala and it was so easy and SO delicious. Check out the cookbook here for the recipe or pick it up at your local Chapters bookstore!

Vegetarian Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

I just ate this for lunch and it was so warm and nourishing. I highly recommend trying to find those beautiful purple sweet potatoes, but of course, any sweet potato or yam will do. And here’s a little tip if you need to quicken up dinner: after poking holes in the sweet potatoes with a fork, microwave for 8-10 minutes before baking in the oven!

Here’s the recipe from Ambitious Kitchen

Cauliflower Fettuccine Alfredo

You’ll never know the sauce is made out of cauliflower. It’s simply awesome! I think I would add a touch more garlic in this recipe (but what can I say, I just LOVE the stuff), and find a protein source to balance out the plate – maybe some white beans, chicken, or shrimp!

Here’s the recipe from Pinch of Yum

Want to dig deeper into your comfort eating patterns?

This is totally my jam. I love helping people get under the surface of their eating habits and uncover what’s really going on. Typically, it’s not about the food. If you are interested in exploring your relationship with food and your body, doing some deeper healing, so you can feel more longterm freedom, check out these unique offerings…

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