10-Day Mindful Eating Kickstart Challenge


10-Day Mindful Eating KickstartGet started ASAP!

I know you want to feel free, healthy, energized, and able to focus on what matters to you.

Deep down, you know dieting and restricting aren’t effective strategies for long-term health – in fact, they make you feel a little crazy. It’s time to get clear about what nourishes, confident in yourself, and mindful about your eating habits.

It’s Possible!

Forget forbidden foods, counting calories, and unrealistic goals. Join now to enjoy food MORE and be healthier in the process!

Right now you might feel…

  • it takes too much time to plan ahead, eat well, and be healthier overall.
  • completely overwhelmed by the contradicting nutrition information out there about what’s “good” for you and what’s “bad.”
  • fed up with your own self-deprecating behaviours like mindless or emotional eating.
  • STUCK. Not knowing where to start to get back on track and take healthy steps forward.

You are certainly not alone. But the truth is, you don’t have to change EVERYTHING all at once.

You don’t have to eliminate specific foods, go on a crazy cleanse, or set aside multiple hours in each day to get your health on track. All you need is intention, commitment,  guidance + support to build some healthy momentum.

And you can do this in less than 30 minutes per day.


"Prior to taking part in the Mindful Eating Challenge I had rigid eating rules I was unable to live by. I also ate too quickly and ate because I was bored. I've since learned that there are no off-limits foods as well as how to slow down and think about what I am eating. I don't feel as obsessed about food. I have even lost weight. What I liked best about working with Casey was the feedback to concerns and challenges. I appreciate her support and the support of the whole group. Now, I feel stronger and more in control. I have recommended the Challenge to a number of friends as I think it's a good reminder to check in with our relationship to food. The challenge is easy, fun, and it's important!"

Jody Gudmundson Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

054A9373If we have not officially met, I’m Casey Berglund.

I am a Registered Dietitian, Certified Yoga Teacher, and the founder of Worthy and Well Inc… but really, I’m a woman on a mission to move as many smart and soulful women as I can into mindful eating action, without having to give their busy lives a complete overhaul.

At Worthy and Well, we strongly believe in the mantra “ditch the all-or-none, and eat for fuel, flavour, and fun.” We’ll show you how to get started with the 10-Day Mindful Eating  Kickstart Challenge.

Small, consistent, baby steps, that accumulate over time lead to longer lasting results. And the holiday season is actually the perfect time to start!

Here’s how it’s all going to work…

You get:

The Challenges. You get a daily email outlining that day’s challenge. I recommend doing the challenges in order on the day they are suggested for optimal flow and support from the community! They are SUPER simple, not restrictive, and you can do them ANYWHERE.

An Online Social Community. We strongly encourage you to hop on Instagram and post pictures of your challenge progress, so we can support you and you can support others. Please use the official hashtag #mindfuleatingkickstart and tag @worthyandwell. You also get access to the Mindful Eating Facebook group where you can ask questions and connect with others. Remember, you get out what you put in!

Continued Support. As a Mindful Eating Challenger, you are granted insider access to the Worthy and Well community, where you receive free tips, recipes, and articles, plus the opportunity to have first dibs on upcoming programs and services.

Are you in?

Jen Brown Image“Intuitively, I’ve been searching for a way of “eating for life” or for “fuel, flavour, and fun” like Casey Berglund has so brilliantly shared with us during the last three weeks challenges. I want very much to avoid the all-or-nothing approach and to hell with feeling guilty or shamed for the choices I make. Through this challenge, I feel like I’ve made some great strides and learned strategies that will stick with me for good. Mindfulness is definitely the key to eating for the rest of your life.”

Jennifer Brown Seattle, Washington, United States

Linda Lomenick Testimonial"Prior to joining the Mindful Eating Challenge I was struggling with the transition of being recently retired and spending almost all my time with my husband who loves to eat fried foods and sweets. I also experienced a dramatic decrease in activity going from being a full time nurse to reading and knitting. The challenge taught me that water is my friend and it also allowed me to build more confidence with eating healthy foods. If my husband wants his choices, I don't have to join him. I can eat what I want, without guilt. Now, my skin feels better due to hydration, I have more energy, and I've lost 12 pounds. I loved Casey's support, guidance, and feedback. It was also so helpful to be part of a group. People need to know that Casey practices what she preaches. She is reliable, and always responds to questions or comments directed at her.

I have had a problem with weight all my life and have probably tried every diet known to man. This is the first time I have really felt the changes I've made are compatible with my life and should lead to continued weight loss or at least continued well being."

Linda Lomenick LaFayette, Georgia, United States

Colleen Gresiuk Testimonial - Challenge"My biggest challenges prior to joining this program were meal planning and preparing food in advance. I've learned the importance of drinking more water and vegetable preparation. And I have less angst about food. My favourite part about participating in this program was the group support, as well as the interesting and different daily challenges. I am also starting to understand my own self-sabotaging behaviours!

I would absolutely recommend (and have recommended) Casey and the Mindful Eating Challenge. I love that I feel no pressure from her, just support. I will be restarting this Challenge again starting today because I need to and want to reinforce what I've learned."

Colleen Gresiuk Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Ruth Everett Testimonial"My biggest struggle, prior to this program, was caving into sweets and carbs when I thought I was hungry. I did quite a bit of mindless eating while accomplishing tasks. Since doing the Mindful Eating Challenge, I am prepping vegetables for the week and making overnight oatmeal on a regular basis. I am also putting more time into prepping meals and eating slower and with a deeper appreciation of the food source. I am feeling more in control of my food choices and am finding I do not beat myself up if I stray from the course. The result is that I get back on track quickly. I am more mindful of staying hydrated and truly tasting my food. I did not consider fruit a dessert but I have a better appreciation for real food versus processed food. Who knew an orange could taste so good? I feel more energy because I am eating foods for fuel. I am also passing on good eating habits to my kids. I really like how they are excited about some of the meals I have prepared and how when I cut up veggies, they disappeared so quickly.

I really enjoy Casey's approach to nutrition and so many of her videos resonated with me. I like the idea of taking steps toward change versus an all or nothing approach. I really enjoyed the accountability and the comaraderie of the Facebook group. I would definitely recommend Casey to friends. Casey is organized and encouraging and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition!"

Ruth Everett Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Disclaimer: The Mindful Eating Kickstart Challenge should not replace more formal medical care or individualized recommendations from a dietitian or other health care provider. Your results from this free challenge depend on your participation – you get what you put in!