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Why Do I Feel Blissful at the End of a Yoga Class?

Have you felt it? That bliss that you feel when you come out of savasana and meditation at the end of a yoga class? There’s a reason for it.   What the heck are the 5 koshas? How are the 5 koshas like Russian stacking dolls? Why do I feel blissful at the end of [...]

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3 Yoga Moves For Absolute Beginners (and How to Stop Holding Yourself Back From Starting)

It’s International Yoga Day - a day to celebrate the rich history of this incredible tradition and practice. My client, Tony, joined me on Global Calgary to demonstrate 3 yoga moves for absolute beginners.     We know there are huge benefits to incorporating yoga into your life, but yet we hold ourselves back.   [...]

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3 Ways Akhanda Yoga can Help

3 Ways Akhanda Yoga Can Help You Heal Your Relationship With Your Body

Akhanda yoga can help you heal your relationship with your body!   Akhanda yoga can help you get out of the space of mentally judging your body and instead allow you to tune into your body and understand what it needs. It can teach self-compassion. Akhanda yoga can illuminate a deeper root cause of some [...]

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5 Key Elements of an Akhanda Yoga Class

5 Key Elements of an Akhanda Yoga Class

Akhanda yoga is a traditional authentic style of yoga developed by Yogrishi Vishvketu of Rishikesh, India. I have had the pleasure of practicing and teaching Akhanda yoga over the past 8 years and always LOVE to share this practice with others.   What is Akhanda yoga and why should we not consider it “exercise?” How [...]


How Diet Culture Influences the Yoga Industry

How Diet Culture Influences the Yoga Industry

Diet culture influences us ALL. It's sneaking and seeps it's way into so many industries, including the yoga industry.   What is diet culture and how can I become aware of its existence? How can it act as a pervasive system of oppression built upon fat phobia and judgment of human’s bodies? How does diet [...]

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A Mindful Approach to Picky Eating #nutritionmonth2017

A Mindful Approach to Picky Eating #nutritionmonth2017

Picky eating can make mealtime feel like mayhem. There is only so much you can do to get your kid to take in nutritious food before throwing in the towel and giving them whatever the heck they want. Makes perfect sense that managing picky eating is one thing dietitians are focussing on to help families [...]

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Avoid the Diet-Binge Cycle

3 Tips to Avoid the Diet-Binge Cycle

Do you find yourself feeling CRAZY around food? If you ever feel stuck in the diet-binge cycle, then this video blog is for you. PLEASE watch it right to the end. I share reasons why you might be stuck and three key tips for crossing to the other side. You can feel free, calm, confident [...]


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3 Steps to Mindful Meal Planning, Made Easy

What's for dinner? Good question. It's five o'clock. You had a long day at work. You're tired, hungry, and wish some magical health food fairy had something delicious awaiting your arrival home. Hmmm, if only. You think: "I should stop by the grocery store, pick up some healthy ingredients, and whip up some dinner.... but [...]

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#Recipe: Simple Summer Snack Bars

Whether you're stomping around the Calgary Stampede Grounds this week, prepping for a summer road trip, or planning a weekend of camping, healthy eating is easier when you pack some simple snacks. The recipe I'm about to share has been adapted from Angela Liddon's {Oh She Glows} Feel Good Hearty Granola Bars. I like this [...]


8 ways to enjoy the Calgary Stampede midway guilt- (and bloat-) free!

It's that time of year again - we're about to kick off the 2015 Calgary Stampede! If you're reading this and you've never been, trust me when I say, it surely is an experience - especially on the midway. This year's food vendors know how to push consumers' palates with delicacies like the Dragon Dog {we're talking a foot [...]


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