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If you want to conquer a big goal

If you want to conquer a big goal, you need this one thing

When you want conquer a big goal, there is one thing that is critical for your success. This one thing was huge for me in the planning and executing of the Worthy and Well Cross-Canada Road Trip 2017. Since returning home, I’ve been reflecting on this one thing and figuring out how to prioritize it [...]

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road trip

What sparked the 18000km solo road trip

Well, I’m trying something new here and I’m eager to hear what you think. The experiment starts with a story about what sparked the 18000km solo road trip with a mission, but first, a little context and a lot of honesty…. If you’ve been following Worthy and Well for some time now, you’ll know that [...]

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But I'm scared of gaining weight

“But I’m scared of gaining weight…”

“But I’m scared I’m going to get fat, or gain weight, or not be able to lose it.” Does that sound like a fear that runs in the background of your mind? In today’s video, I share how to handle the fear of gaining weight and how to discover the fear behind the fear so [...]

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Diet Culture

F*ck You, Diet Culture

Diet culture - it doesn’t just make you feel like you need latest health or weight loss fix, but like your worth depends on it. It makes overcoming the diet mentality (deeply entrenched thoughts about controlling food intake and body size) incredibly difficult and keeps people painfully looking for short-term solutions to long-term problems. It is [...]

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Fear of Failure

5 Ways to Overcome Fear of Failure

Does your own fear of failure hold you back from taking action in your life? This video is for you if you are… ummmm… human. Seriously though, fear of failure seems to be part of the human experience. It is especially for you if you are almost ready to give up on changing your health [...]

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The Guilt is Worse than the Gluten: When it’s Not About What You’re Eating, but How

A natural first place to focus if you want to be healthier is on WHAT you are eating or not eating. Don’t get me wrong, the “what” matters, but it’s not the be all, end all. What if I told you that worrying and getting stressed over what you are eating is worse for you [...]

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A Feminine Approach to Health and Wellness

It’s time for a feminine approach to health and wellness. Ever feel like you’d like to ditch your running “to-do” list, let go a little, and have a bit more self-trust? So many of my clients feel burnt out and uninspired by the notion of following through with conventional health and wellness advice. But what [...]

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When is the perfect time to start eating better?

So often I get asked: “will it be better to focus healthy eating when I’m back from my holiday? I want to enjoy it!” Or… “what makes the most sense: starting now or in a couple weeks when my calendar is more cleared?” Timing matters. Today's video is all about eating better and when to start. [...]

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A Powerful Practice for Discovering Your Sankalpa – Your Heart’s Desire

Traditional goal setting can sometimes make you feel like a hamster on a wheel - always striving to accomplish that next thing. Amiright? It can leave you feeling a bit depleted and just not good enough. If this is true, it’s time for you to discover and tune into your Sankalpa; your heart’s desire. In [...]

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3 reasons why goal setting might not work for you, and what to try instead

We are about a month into the New Year and it’s an ideal time to do a little check in on your goals or resolutions. If you are among the majority of people who have set resolutions and already ditched them, pay close attention to this video. In it, I’ll outline 3 reasons why goal-setting [...]

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