Try this: Vegan Carrot Apple Bran Muffin

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Go for the donut over the bran muffin, unless you’re making these Vegan Carrot Apple Bran Muffins below (or unless you LOVE commercial bran muffins and you’ll savour every bite). Yup, it’s true: commercially prepared bran muffins have a bit of a health halo, meaning they are thought to be healthier than they actually are. They can be loaded with fat and sugar when you buy them from your local coffee shop or convenience store. Sometimes, you might as well go for the donut…

But here’s a healthier version of a bran muffin recipe that you can make at home. Rich in fibre, low in sugar, and it even has some veggies and fruits! Enjoy!

Vegan Carrot Apple Bran Muffins

Fibre does more than help you poop.

I recently spoke of the benefits of fibre and on Global news – last week on the video blog, I shared the featured Coconut and Pom Chia Pudding and the Global video.

These bran muffins were also featured and I had MANY ask for the recipe. I adapted my recipe from this one here.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Kind and healthy regards,


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