Here’s What Body and Wellness Freedom Look Like

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Sometimes I forget to be grateful for the freedom I feel in my body and wellness.

I forget that it’s such a rare and precious gift.

And then every so often I catch myself while getting ready in the morning and I remember…

It never used to be this way.

And a warm blessed feeling will wash over me.

I used to see flaws, and now I see beauty.

I used to criticize, and now I accept.

I used to feel stress, and now I feel peace.

I used to be stuck, and now I am free.

Thoughts about my body not being good enough don’t even cross my mind. People can comment on my “big butt” or “thick thighs” and I’m not triggered. Honestly, sometimes I imagine I have this body love bubble of armour around me that prevents me from being hurt by things that used to hit me hard and take me down.

It’s incredible.

I was talking with a past client of mine about this over dinner a couple of weeks ago.

She shared with me that for her birthday, someone gave her a Fitbit. At first, she said it was a little triggering, and then in no time, she thought: “well, I actually would love to track my activity.”

You see, when we first started working together, she had a fancy scale and all the gadgets that were supposed to encourage weight loss. But they weren’t actually working because getting all wrapped up in the numbers would ultimately lead to self-sabotage and feeling like a failure.

{This is almost ALWAYS the case, when you haven’t worked on your relationship with your body and food first. Your worth gets tied to the data and how you feel becomes dependent on what you see. NOT a recipe for long-term sustainable self love OR positive health behaviour change.}

She discovered early on, that she needed to put ALL of those things to the side to get the most out of our work together. It was a REALLY smart idea.

She healed. She learned to accept her body, focus on joyful movement, intuitive and mindful eating, and behaviours that would help her feel more well, instead of obsessing about losing weight. She was able to experience her inherent worth and find a solid sense of self-love.

Because of this work, she can now go back to using tools for wellness in an objective way.

She’s loving the Fitbit.

And I must add, since working together, she’s had a beautiful baby girl, registered for a yoga teacher training, and is giving more energy to her dreams than her fears.

This experience is available to you too.

Right now.

Exactly as you are.

It doesn’t require you to change your body first. Seriously, it’s not something that comes after you lose 5, 10, 20, or 50 pounds.

It comes from you choosing to heal your relationship with your body, right now!

Imagine how your life would change with body and wellness freedom? What would that look and feel like? Where would you spend your time? What would you do with the space and energy you could create?

Come on over to our private Facebook group and share your vision.

We’ll hold it sacred for you.

You deserve this.

PS – In case you missed my Global Calgary appearance about 3 ways women can stop playing small, and start stepping into their potential, here’s the link to watch.

PPS – Looking for a breakthrough in your relationship with your body? Book for free Body Breakthrough Call right here.

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