2 Keys to Ease Stress Eating #nutritionmonth2017

We all eat when we’re not physically hungry and use food for comfort or to ease stress some of the time. That’s so normal. So human. The challenge is when food becomes a go-to mechanism for soothing, distracting, or numbing uncomfortable emotions. Or when it’s consistently used to “take the edge off” after a long, hard day.

Stress eating is accompanied by guilt and shame for many people. So many of my clients share that they wish they could control it, but that something seems to come over them and in the moment there’s no way out. It’s like the groove in your mind to reach for food to manage discomfort is so deep, it’s hard to get out of that rut. So it makes sense that the solution to stress eating is a complex one, having to do with great shifts in mindset and behaviour. To help you get started, I’ll be sharing two keys to ease stress eating in today’s video.

Are you ready to shift your stress eating patterns?

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How Hating Your Body Serves You

How Hating Your Body Serves You

Hating your body serves you. Yes it does, or you wouldn’t do it. So often, women see their bodies in a negative light and seem to always have an inner voice criticizing in the background. When I introduce the idea in my programs and services that you can choose self-acceptance and self-love right now, instead [...]

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Diet Culture

F*ck You, Diet Culture

Diet culture - it doesn’t just make you feel like you need latest health or weight loss fix, but like your worth depends on it. It makes overcoming the diet mentality (deeply entrenched thoughts about controlling food intake and body size) incredibly difficult and keeps people painfully looking for short-term solutions to long-term problems. It is [...]

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Lauren Capozzi on Health Behaviour Change

Lauren Capozzi on Exercise and Health Behaviour Change

Ready to create positive healthy habits that last? Tired of falling off the exercise bandwagon? Lauren Capozzi, PhD/MD student, and co-founder of Thrive Health Services joins me to discuss exercise and health behaviour change. Check out the video and be sure to share your feedback! Here’s the inspiring interview! With over 10 years of experience in [...]

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How to Prevent Overeating

How to Prevent Overeating This Holiday, Without Restricting

The season is upon us! Food is everywhere. Set yourself up for success by having a plan to prevent overeating this holiday, without restricting. I shared some positive and practical tips with my friends over at Global Calgary. I decided to run a LIVE round of the free, online 10-Day Mindful Eating Kickstart Challenge to [...]

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Sally Powis-Campbell on Holistic Mental Health

Sally Powis-Campbell on Holistic Mental Health

Sally Powis-Campbell, Calgary psychologist, joins me to speak about the many factors that impact mental health. We jam on everything from how breathing, mindful eating, and mindful movement play a role in mental health; to the positive impact of essential oils and being engaged in the community. First, enjoy this video and then, join us in [...]

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Dr. Justine Dowd on Self-Compassion

Dr. Justine Dowd joins me to speak about how self-compassion has played a role in her personal life and her research as a post-doctoral fellow. If you struggle with having a negative mindset sometimes and beating yourself up, then this video is for you. I think we ALL are hard on ourselves, at least from [...]

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Avoid the Diet-Binge Cycle

3 Tips to Avoid the Diet-Binge Cycle

Do you find yourself feeling CRAZY around food? If you ever feel stuck in the diet-binge cycle, then this video blog is for you. PLEASE watch it right to the end. I share reasons why you might be stuck and three key tips for crossing to the other side. You can feel free, calm, confident [...]


Vegan Carrot Apple Bran Muffins

Try this: Vegan Carrot Apple Bran Muffin

Go for the donut over the bran muffin, unless you're making these Vegan Carrot Apple Bran Muffins below (or unless you LOVE commercial bran muffins and you'll savour every bite). Yup, it's true: commercially prepared bran muffins have a bit of a health halo, meaning they are thought to be healthier than they actually are. [...]

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Coconut and Pom Chia Pudding

Try this: Coconut And Pom Chia Pudding

Looking for a dessert, snack, or breakfast dish that tastes great AND is a good source of fibre, check out this Coconut and Pom Chia Pudding. I recently spoke of the benefits of fibre and shared the gist of this awesome recipe on Global news - you can view the Global video by clicking here. Chia seeds [...]

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You Don’t Need Another Tip, or Trick, or Meal Plan

Every so often, I just need to turn the video camera on and go on an inspired rant. This is an example of one of those moments. In today’s unedited video I candidly talk about why you don’t need another tip, or trick, or meal plan, or fitness plan… you need this one thing for [...]

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