3 Undeniable Benefits of Dieting

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Yup, I’m an anti-diet dietitian and I’m here to discuss the benefits of dieting. Dieting serves us in many ways, which is why we try diets again and again, until we finally hit our “diet rock bottom.”

In today’s video, I reveal these benefits and offer perspective so you can get out of the dieting cycle sooner than later.

Learn the major benefits of dieting

Want to move beyond diet culture, hating your body, and start to love and trust yourself?

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Mary Collette Rogers July 14, 2017, 5:31 pm

I think recipes can be similar to diets. People often get excited about a new recipe find, thinking that it will be just what they need to get on the road to healthy eating. But to see those healthy recipes show up on the table and manifest your healthy eating dreams, it takes “deep inner kitchen work,” too!

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