054A9373You’ve got important work to do in the world.

Whether that’s moving your career or business forward, being a better leader, a role model for your children, or lighting up the world with your presence. You’ve got purpose.

But as long as your obsessing about food and your body, staying in that job you hate, not being yourself in relationships, and giving more power to your fears than dreams…

You’re draining your life force. And it’s time to make a change.

Worthy and Well is here to create a rich community of people who support one another with the journey toward more optimal brave living. We’re about helping you kick your health and wellness up a notch, find meaningful work that makes you money, attracting more authentic relationships, and feeling more connected to yourself and Life.

It’s time to stop playing small and settling. The world needs people who are ready to step up into their potential and take their lives to the next level.

Unfortunately, people (women especially) often connect around their smallness.

Hi there,

My name is Casey Berglund. I am a Registered Dietitian, certified yoga teacher,  media spokesperson and the founder of Worthy and Well, but really, I am a woman on a mission to empower other smart, soulful ladies to release the food fight and the body bashing, so they have more energy for creating a life that they love. And making a difference in the process.

I am blessed and grateful.

I feel free in my relationship with food. I eat what I want when I am hungry and it’s a beautiful combination of fuel, flavour and fun. I love how food nourishes me, brings pleasure to my life, and allows me to connect with people.

I feel confident in my body. I appreciate how my unique body moves, digests, and keeps me alive. I love the look of my body, including the dimples in my thighs and the scars under my chin. I move my body because it feels good, not because I did something wrong.

I love my life. I have energy for the things that matter to me, like self-care, nurturing relationships, and sharing my own divine gifts with the world.

054A9133But it wasn’t always this way…

For many years I had an unhealthy and unhappy relationship with food, my body, and my life (it was probably my best hidden secret). I would read every diet or food book I could get my hands on and eat in a very rigid way (that would often backfire). I would work toward the “perfect” body and strive to be the woman everyone felt I should be. I was a chronic over-achiever, a people pleaser, a self-saboteur and the queen of all-or-none. And I never felt good enough. Never satisfied, exactly as I was.

This was exhausting and kept me feeling stuck…

Things started to shift when I went on to study nutrition at the University of Alberta. Learning about the science of food and nutrition helped me better understand how my rigid food rules and all-or-none thinking could be doing more harm than good. I learned how to critically think about whether or not to believe bits of information presented in the media, on popular bookshelves, or in research itself.

Studying nutrition was hugely beneficial, but it was falling into yoga that truly transformed me, including my relationship with food and my body. Yoga helped me let go of my perfectionist mentality and made me more mindful. It connected me with my own unique inner wisdom, which now serves to guide the way I eat, the way I treat my body, and the way I live my life. Yoga taught me that I was born whole, unbroken, joyful, and full of love. And it continues to help me shift from figuring out what’s wrong with me to uncovering what is right about me.

Over the past few years, I have helped hundreds of individuals transform their lives through finding freedom in their relationship with food and their bodies. I’ve spent hours upon hours studying nutrition, mindfulness, intuitive eating, behaviour change, positive psychology, yoga, business, communications, and leadership; and the best part is that the more I learn, the more I find to learn. When I am not studying, I am practicing my own learnings and teachings.

If you’ve made it this far and what I speak of resonates with you, I invite you to get connected by signing up for free weekly lessons by entering your name and email in the opt-in box below. You’re also invited to join our amazingly supportive online Facebook community. Just click here, request to join, and I’ll approve your access.

With love + gratitude,


What others are saying…


Myste Kruger Testimonial"Casey is a very kind, compassionate, intelligent person and her entire program is heart-centred. She will answer any and every question very specifically, which I appreciated so much. The title Wellness Coach truly describes Casey, as she has a Holistic approach to nutrition....and life. She is part dietitian, part counsellor, part friend."

Myste Kruger Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

"Your approach is realistic and fun, and there is nothing fad-driven about what you do - keep it up!"

Jen Brown Image"The level of support, both individual and group, that Casey provides is incredible. She has great ideas that are easy to incorporate in even the most hectic lifestyles, and her emphasis on being non-judgmental is so beneficial..."

Jennifer Brown Seattle, Washington, United States