5 Life Lessons From a Crazy 2017

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The last year changed me in ways I didn’t expect. My hope in sharing my 5 life lessons from a crazy 2017, is that you’ll feel less alone, more inspired, and more ready to take your life to the next level. If you missed the last post where I gave a brief synopsis of the year and shared how I want to help you get unstuck and play big, check it out here.

Now let’s get on with the lessons…

Lesson 1: Struggle is a path to self-discovery

It doesn’t matter if that struggle is with your body + wellness, livelihood + lifestyle, creativity + learning, relationships + society, or essence + spirituality; there is always discovery and awareness that can come from the struggle. If your intention is to be in a growth-oriented life, there are initiations to move through on your journey. These struggles test you, challenge you, transform you, and make you a little bit more conscious than you were before. Though I’d personally love for 2018 to be a little steadier and less crazy than last year, I know I never want to stop growing, so I’m going to need to deal with the hard things that come along.

Lesson 2: Bliss is your true nature

Vishva-ji, my Indian yoga guru, dropped this bomb on me in a meditation in Week 1 of my 500-Hour yoga teacher training. At this point, I wasn’t feeling the bliss and I had HUGE resistance to this idea. I was making it mean that I should be feeling blissful all the time, and because I wasn’t, I was a bad yogi… or something like that. I asked in a session later that day: “So wait a minute, how realistic is it to feel bliss all the time? I can’t imagine it’s that realistic.” His response was something along these lines: Bliss is the state of your Soul, which is who you really are. It’s your true nature. It’s what’s normal. The rest is abnormal – just mental drama and stories.

Chew on that.

I believe him. And I’ll say this: if we were just mere spiritual beings (NOT having a human experience), it would be easier to know this as fact. But of course there’s the grit and struggle of being human (see lesson #1) that we are required to deal with – the conditioning, the traumas, and the mental illusions that block us from the Truth. So don’t beat yourself up if you’re not feeling super blissful in this moment.

And know that yoga is one of many paths to help you remember and experience your inherent blissful state. It’s in you, always.

Lesson 3: Playing Big requires you to know who you are

Are you starting to see how these lessons tie into one another? There is incredible clarity that comes with knowing who you are. When you know who you are, you know what to do. The more we move through the muck to access the bliss and the light inside, the easier it is to trust our gifts and what we have to offer the world.

Lesson 4: You gotta use the tools and do the work

There’s no quick fix simple solution to this thing we call Life. And yet, there are many tools out there that may be paramount to your journey. But you gotta use them. And don’t ever feel bad if you need more than just a few.

My daily yoga and meditation practice is a game changer. It’s something I’ve been deeply committed to since returning from India. When I miss a day (because of course I do), I feel it. I’m more susceptible to the gravity of life.

And, sometimes my yoga practice is not enough. It doesn’t fix everything on it’s own. Sometimes you need more – a therapist, a coach, a mentor, a shoulder to cry on… a guru. Have no shame around needing support. Have you heard the phrase “new level, new devil?” Well it’s true, every time you grow and change, you access more to heal. And sometimes that’s hard to do on your own.

Lesson 5: Everyone needs a guru (or many)

I feel so grateful for the guidance of Yogi Vishvketu this year, the other amazing teachers in the yoga training, therapists I’ve worked with, and mentors who have guided along the way. And I’m always working to build my personal team of support people.

I still catch myself saying “I should be able to do this alone” but then quickly realize that if that were true, I’d have done it by now. Give yourself permission to be helped!

Here’s to your growth and Playing Big in 2018!

Much love + Gratitude,


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